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Free on Steam & Epic: Two insider tips are free to play or even given away at Easter

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Two insider tips are free on Steam and Epic over the long weekend – one of them might even spread a little Easter cheer

Easter is just around the corner and if you’d rather spend your time in front of your PC than hunting for eggs, you can play two insider tips on Steam and the Epic Games Store for free this weekend.


(Genre: Metroidvania – Developer: Kyle Thompson – Get & keep free until: April 4 (Epic Games Store)

Islets is a classic 2D platformer with Metroidvania elements in which you have to reunite a world of floating islands destroyed by war. Islets is a real insider tip among Steam players, with 96 percent of the 800 or so reviews being positive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

(Genre: Multiplayer Horror – Developer: Sumo Digital – Free to play until: April 4 (Steam)

Nothing goes better with Easter than a family gathered around a table for a meal – even if human flesh is on the menu in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

The title is best described as a multiplayer cat-and-mouse team game: You either take on the role of the survivors and must search for the level exit instead of eggs, or as a member of the cannibal family, prevent your victims from doing so.

In many ways, the gameplay is reminiscent of Dead by Daylight: To survive, you must work together and solve various tasks to escape, while the killers use their unique abilities to eliminate the survivors one by one.

But be warned: not only can the game be quite exciting, it’s also hard as hell, so you can celebrate your own resurrection over and over again.

Enough with the Easter puns, now it’s your turn: tell us how you’re going to spend the long weekend! Are you planning to try out one of the free games? Do you have any other games on your Pile of Shame that you want to unpack to celebrate?


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