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New free-to-play mech shooter Gundam Evolution suddenly shakes up Steam

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The free shooter Gundam Evolution has launched on Steam and is directly leaving many big competitors behind.

While Overwatch 2 is struggling with all kinds of problems shortly before its launch into Early Access, the free-to-play mech shooter Gundam Evolution has turned into a real insider tip for fans of team shooters.

Shortly after the release on Thursday at 04:00 in the morning, (over 56,000 players) were online on Steam at the same time. We explain what”s behind the latest hype game.

Overwatch with Mechs

What is Gundam Evolution all about? Just like Overwatch, Gundam Evolution is a first-person shooter and is played in 6vs6. Players here choose from a variety of different Mobile Suits or Gundams.

These mechs are all from the popular sci-fi universe Gundam, in which humans climb into giant fighting machines and which has spawned heaps of series and feature films over the past 43 years.

All Mobile Suits have different armaments, skills and Ultimate Skills: Some, like the Barbatos (a Gundam from the anime series Iron-Blooded Orphans), use a spear-like melee weapon. Others, like the aptly named GM Sniper II, use ranged weapons. And of course there are hybrids that rely on a mix of short- and long-range weapons.

  • Point Capture: As in Overwatch, you have to capture and hold points until a loading bar has filled up completely.
  • Destruction: Similar to CS:GO or Valorant, you have to place or defuse a bomb here.
  • Domination: Here you have to hold certain areas of the map to collect points.

    Mixed opinions of Steam users

    Despite strong player numbers, Gundam Evolution currently only has 69 percent positive reviews on Steam. The biggest point of criticism is currently the technology Many players complain that they suffer from crashes. What makes the whole thing worse is that there is no reconnect and therefore they cannot start a new game for five minutes after each crash.

    Many players also cite error 403 as a reason for criticism: But this only says that the servers are offline. Gundam Evolution was released for download yesterday at noon, but the servers (didn”t go online until 4am this morning).

    But there is also a lot of praise from the players. (For example, one player) writes:

    I was there for the previous playtests and this game is fantastic.

    Hail to the Einsteins who can”t read and give the game a negative review a day before release, an impressive lack of reading comprehension.

    (Another player praises):

    This game is really fun, I”m always blown away by the gameplay and the movements of the suits, it feels great the way it plays.

    You can find the (Download of Gundam Evolution) on Steam, the download size is 18.1 GB.

    Will you play Gundam Evolution or have you already done so? Then drop us a line in the comments telling us how you like the new shooter!


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