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Max Level in Granblue Fantasy: Relink – What you should know about the highest level

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You can’t level up indefinitely in the action role-playing game. We explain the limits that apply to characters and weapons here

After the story campaign of Granblue Fantasy: Relink the role-playing game is far from over. In fact, it’s only after that that the hunt for bosses and valuable loot really gets underway… But when have characters and weapons reached their maximum level? We summarize the most important things for you

How high is the max level?

Both your characters and your weapons can only be leveled up to a certain point: For characters it ends after level 100, weapons can be leveled up to level 150. However, once you have reached this limit, you can still become stronger.

How do I become even stronger?

Once you have reached the level limit, your character can still become significantly more powerful, which is also necessary for some opponents. There are a total of three progression systems that you can use for this:


Completing quests unlocks mastery points, which you can invest in a total of four skill trees for your characters:

  • Offense: Stats and abilities that are useful when attacking
  • Defensive: Values and abilities that strengthen your defense
  • Collection: General stats bonuses that are unlocked by reaching new levels with your weapons.
  • Comprehensive Skill: Random Stats Bonuses

Advanced weapons

While it is important for the collection to bring all your weapons to level 150, you should only use your ascension weapon afterwards. Because it is the only one that can be awakened a total of ten times after reaching its max level. This gives you decent buffs each time, but also costs more and rarer resources.

Seals and artisan stones

These are mainly used to determine the play style of your characters and compensate for weaknesses. However, there are also seals that are useful for all characters and make them significantly stronger. One example would be seals that increase your damage limitation, which you come up against quite quickly in the endgame.

While you have several slots for seals, you can only attach one crafting stone to your weapon, which then strengthens certain skills, for example.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink got off to a dream start on Steam last week and was one of the best-selling games ever. If you’ve now also played it in the wake of its successful release, you’ll find a few useful tips above: For example, we explain how damage limitation works and how much time you need to spend on the campaign.

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