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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Last Epoch shows the perfect mix of hunter and druid with the Falconer class

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The final masterclass of Diablo rival Last Epoch has been revealed in full and sounds like one of the most exciting ever

After five years of Early Access, Last Epoch is finally arriving in the port of the final release on February 21, 2024 and is currently busy unveiling new content. Following the recent appearance of the Warlock, the team is now providing an in-depth look at the last so-called master class: the Falconer

The Falconer is a continuation of the rogue base class and scores above all with the fact that it is an extremely unusual pet class in the action RPG sector. If you know Diablo in particular, think of it as a mixture of hunter and druid. The class is discussed in detail in the video:

What the falconer can do

As the name suggests, the falconer’s most unique selling point is his faithful falcon, which you first have to unlock via a skill. From then on, however, the falcon follows you everywhere, attacks enemies on its own and can never be hit. The falconer also relies on traps, nets or attacks with the bow when fighting enemies. Five skill trees are available to you:

  • Falconry: This contains all the skills you can use to increase your falcon’s striking ability. For example, it can also mark enemies so that you can deal more damage to them.
  • Explosive Trap: Your falconer leaves explosive traps lying around, which naturally injure enemies when triggered. The traps can be upgraded to trigger a cascade of subsequent effects.
  • Net: The net is suitable for crowd control, you throw it out to slow down or even completely stop enemies. If the net is upgraded, it can cause additional damage or trigger effects such as crow’s feet or traps.
  • Aerial Assault: This skill is designed to help you progress faster. The falcon then carries you over a short distance. However, the falcon also attacks afterwards, which you can exploit even further with improvements.
  • Dive Bomb: This allows you to send your falcon directly at your enemies and attack specific areas. This primarily deals damage, but you can improve the skill even further and reduce the cooldown.

The Falconer is being introduced to the action RPG as part of the major 1.0 update As mentioned, this release patch will be released on February 21, 2024. The action role-playing game already met the taste of many genre fans in Early Access and could mature into a real insider tip away from Diablo or Path of Exile in the coming weeks

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