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Lies of P: Good conclusion from Early Access

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The highly anticipated Lies of P from Neowiz entered Early Access this weekend. As you can see from the reviews on Metacritic, the title does a lot right. However, there are minor flaws.

Those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Lies of P have already been able to explore the dark city of Krat in the role of Pinocchio for three days. For all others, the starting signal will be given tomorrow, Tuesday.

Looking at the ratings on Metacritic, you can dive into the Souls-like with a clear conscience. This is because the title receives a good 81% on general average. The user reviews won’t start rolling in until tomorrow.

With the Victorian city setting and the insanity-ridden inhabitants, there is no question that Neowiz borrowed quite a bit from the FromSoftware title Bloodbourne when developing Lies of P. This comparison is also made by many of the reviews.
This comparison is also made by many of the reviews. However, the Korean counterpart is not just a “cheap” copy. With an even darker version of Pinocchio, the title offers some fresh twists that go down well with many.

Unfortunately, there are also some criticisms with Lies of P. For example, the timing when blocking seems to be a real challenge. In addition, the leveling up is not designed motivating enough and also the art design in-game does not look quite as impressive as on screenshots shown so far.


Lies of P is the first major Souls-like effort from Korean studio Neowiz. Of course, the similar setting sets up a comparison to Bloodbourne and co. However, these expectations might not quite do the title justice.

If you want to get involved with a fresh alternative to FromSoftware and Team Ninja, you can start your adventure on PC, PlayStation and Xbox starting tomorrow, September 19 We have more info on the game in the following overview for you.

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