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Helldivers 2 becomes Star Wars – Clone Wars project amazes with ingenious details

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Fight the droids as a clone trooper in Helldivers? Fans have created a Star Wars modpack for Helldivers 2 and it looks pretty damn good

When a planet in the Star Wars universe is attacked by ravenous bugs or crazed killer robots during the Clone Wars, it’s not far away: The Republic Clone Army The genetically identical soldiers in their white armor then appear in orbit with a powerful Star Destroyer and put an end to the plague

On the pacified planets, peace and quiet return – and, above all, democracy. So it’s no wonder that some fans have come to the conclusion that Helldivers 2 and Star Wars should actually be brought together.

And that’s exactly what some hard-working modders have now managed to do. Two days ago, the tinkerers published a video on the Toasted ShoesXYoutube channel in which they present their Star Wars project.

For the Republic!

The mod package is a reskin of several Helldivers textures Instead of black armor and for the Over-Earth, you now go into battle in the aforementioned white armor for the Galactic Republic

In place of the familiar Automatons, the opponents in the video are the Separatist battle droids, who make life difficult for the modders with Droidekas and AT-RT walkers 

The spaceships in the opening sequences of the missions have also been modified: Here several Star Destroyers jump out of hyperspace.

In the comments, numerous fans were already rejoicing that they could finally experience the Clone Wars up close and that Helldivers could become the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 that they never got. The makers themselves say in the video: This feels like Order 66!

You won’t get any Jedi Knights in front of the blaster, though.

Where can you download the mods?

It goes without saying that the demand from fans for the Star Wars package is huge. However, the modders around Toasted Shoes have not yet made their work publicly available. One of the reasons for this is that the package has not yet worked without problems on all planets.

On Twitter, however, Toasted Shoes announced yesterday that a release is in the works and that he plans to make some of the contents of the package available on the modding portal Nexusmods in the coming days; among other things, the armor of the famous 501st Legion.

Caution: Danger of banning due to mods
If you are now considering converting your Helldivers 2 into a Star Wars game: Developer Arrowhead is very open to modding, but modifying the game files can still trigger the anti-cheat protection. So there is at least a certain risk of being banned by mods.

If you want to read more about Helldivers 2, we have linked three more interesting articles in the info box. Among other things, you can find out about the contents of the latest major update for the shooter and why review bombing on Steam can be both a curse and a blessing.

What do you think of the Star Wars mod for Helldivers? Would you also like to go to war as a clone warrior against the nasty droids of the KUS? Let us know in the comments


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