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Beta keys for Arena Breakout: Infinite – another chance to win Twitch Drops today

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Codes for the Tarkov rival are extremely popular, now there’s another chance to win via Twitch stream

The closed beta of Arena Breakout: Infinite, the new extraction shooter with a claim to realism, has been running since May 8, 2024.

The Tarkov competitor scores above all with an extensive Gunsmith system for in-depth weapon customization, exciting firefights and some very clever comfort functions.

All well and good, but how do you get in yourself?

Supply due to extreme demand

Getting access has been a game of chance so far due to the immense rush for keys! In less than three hours, 60,000 keys  have already been given away in the form of Twitch Drops – even though the developers had actually scheduled the campaign to run for two weeks.

Now there is a new wave of keys for Arena Breakout: Infinite. As the creators announced on Discord and on X (formerly Twitter), a new batch of 50,000 codes will be given away.

  • What are Twitch Drops?  Twitch Drops are rewards that viewers can earn from certain streams. The prerequisite for this is a certain duration, how long you have to watch.
  • How do I get Twitch Drops?  Before you can receive rewards, you have to connect your game account to Twitch. In the case of Arena Breakout, you need to create a Level Infinite Pass and register for the beta. Then link your Twitch account

New keys from Monday evening

Start of the Twitch Drops: May 13th from 6 pm German time
Minimum Watchtime: One hour until the beta key
Progress towards the key: Check on the Twitch inventory page the process

Once you have completed the steps described above, you can watch a stream of Arena Breakout: Infinite and receive your beta key after the specified time

The easiest  way to find corresponding streams is to search the Twitch category for Breakout Arena yourself for broadcasts with the tag “DropsEnabled”.

If you absolutely want a code, we recommend starting the stream as soon as possible due to the demand so far. Experience shows that the contingent will not last long!

Arena Breakout: Infinite combines the hardcore appeal of Tarkov with lower entry barriers, faster matches and a greater focus on teamwork. The focus is on the hunt for better loot and the risk of losing all equipment thanks to permadeath


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