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GTA Online: All info on the new car workshop, its prices and upgrades

With Los Santos Tuners, a new property lands in GTA Online that you can buy for a lot of money. We provide you with all the information about the garage including price, upgrades and more.

Los Santos Tuners brings GTA Online not only the LS Car Meet and new cars, but also a new property: The garage. In the following overview, we provide you with all the information about the functions, upgrades and prices. Because before you spend a few hard-earned millions, you should know what you’re getting into.

All info on GTA Online’s new car workshop

Features: What can the Car Workshop do?
The new car workshop of GTA Online has various functions.

Vehicle Tuning: First of all, you can modify cars in your property (of course). If you have an active membership with LS Car Meet, all the options are even reduced in price by five percent. So in the long run, you’ll save a little money if you get your own garage.

Mini “Heists “: Once you’ve bought a garage, you’ll be contacted by Undercover-Moodymann. “Kenny” wants to gain a foothold in the criminal underworld of Los Santos together with his accomplice Sessanta and needs your help … and your money.

The garage gives you access to six different mini-heists, three of which are always available to you. These missions come with their own preparation missions and bring you between 100,000 and 200,000 GTA dollars when completed.

The heists are quite varied: trains, transporters, banks and more are waiting for you to relieve them of their treasures. The focus is always on fast-paced chases with the police, security services or other gangsters. In terms of gameplay, Kenny’s heists offer a lot.

Car tuning for customers
: With GTA Online’s car workshop you can also earn money in a legal way. Sessanta will contact you regularly so that you can modify cars for customers in your new property. If you fulfil all their wishes and deliver the car (personally) without damage, you will be paid money. With our first two car deliveries, we have so far earned 20,000 and 37,500 GTA dollars.

With GTA Online's car repair shop you can even earn money legally(!).
With GTA Online’s car repair shop you can even earn money legally(!).

Prices: How much does the car repair shop cost?

GTA Online lets you choose between five different car workshops with the Los Santos Tuners update, which differ in price accordingly. The costs for the basic versions of the new property are as follows for Maze Bank Foreclosures:

Mission Row: 1,670,000 GTA dollars
Strawberry: 1,705,000 GTA dollars
Rancho: 1,750,000 GTA dollars
Burton: 1,830,000 GTA dollars
La Mesa: 1,920,000 GTA dollars
If you buy the most expensive version of the workshop with all the optional upgrades, your costs will add up to a total of 4,552,000 GTA dollars.

Upgrades: Which modifications are available?
You can equip your garage with visual modifications. These are purely visual in nature, so they do not add any gameplay value. The prices for the customisations are as follows:

– Style: from 250,000 to 450,000 GTA dollars
– Colour: 187,500 GTA dollars each
– Crew emblem: 154,500 GTA dollars

With playful use

What will staff bring me for a total of 770,000 GTA dollars?
If you hire staff, you no longer have to personally drive out modified cars for customers – your employees will take care of that. One employee costs you 385,000 GTA dollars, with two you come to 770,000 GTA dollars.

What do I get with a personal quarter for 340,000 GTA dollars
Your personal quarters in the garage contain a bed, a wardrobe and a weapons cabinet. This allows you to select the Auto Repair Shop as your spawn point, customise your clothing and arsenal of weapons. The personal quarters for the garage will cost you 340,000 GTA dollars.

What does a $650,000 GTA Car Lift do for me
If you have a car lift, you can house and modify two cars at the same time for customers. If you buy the car lift for 650,000 GTA dollars, you will increase your income in the long run.

What does the LS Car Meet membership for 50,000 GTA dollars
bring me?
You can not only get the LS Car Meet membership from Mimi in the corresponding social space of GTA Online, but also via the in-game website Maze Bank Foreclosures. We have summarised the advantages of this membership for you in detail in our big overview of Los Santos Tuners.

To sum it up once again here: With the membership for 50,000 GTA dollars, you unlock all the features of LS Car Meets – such as the reputation system, new races, the test track and discounts on car tuning.

You can purchase GTA Online's Car Workshop via the in-game website Maze Bank Foreclosures once you've paid your first visit to the LS Car Meet.
You can purchase GTA Online’s Car Workshop via the in-game website Maze Bank Foreclosures once you’ve paid your first visit to the LS Car Meet.

What do you think of Los Santos Tuners so far? Were your expectations met or disappointed? Let us know in the comments.


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