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Finally with DLSS: Flight Simulator activates new graphics feature with update

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With Sim Update 10, Microsoft Flight Simulator enables the use of DLSS, which promises a performance gain.

Gamers of Microsoft Flight Simulator who have an RTX graphics card can now enable Nvidia’s AI upscaling and edge smoothing technology. Asobo Studio and Microsoft released Sim Update 10 for this purpose, which includes improvements for DirectX 12 as well as a new feature: DLSS 2.0

The new version 3.0 announced by Nvidia is to follow at a later date. With version 2.0, owners of the 2000 and 3000 series of Geforce RTX graphics cards can expect flight simulator performance improvements, while version 3.0 is reserved for the new 4000 series.

The game is famous for impressive graphics and notorious for hardware hunger. Accordingly, Nvidia and Microsoft advertised the expected performance gain with DLSS 3.0:

We were not able to check the effect of DLSS 2.0, which usually also improves performance. However, there are still immature elements that groan at the rapid flight in the engine.

DirectX 12 still a flying construction site

Update 10 for Flight Simulator includes several improvements to the overall stability, performance and memory usage of the DirectX 12 interface, according to Microsoft’s blog post.

Support for DirectX 12 is still under development. As a result, you may also experience performance issues due to high GPU memory usage, which can be countered by lowering the graphics settings.

In addition, a newly added memory allocation technique will only become available in the game when Nvidia releases the corresponding driver update for Geforce cards. So the full potential of the DLSS 2.0 technology in Flight Simulator is probably not yet available.

Microsoft’s Sim Update 10 tweaks numerous other Flight Simulator features, including bug fixes, crash removal (of the software!) and loading time improvements. You can read the long list of patch notes on the (official website).


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