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Far Cry 6 surprises a developer with touching in-game memorial

‎Far Cry 6 surprises a developer with touching in-game souvenirs‎


During the development of the new Far Cry, a developer’s cat passed away. His colleagues immortalised her in the game.

A message that is beautiful and sad at the same time: In Far Cry 6, the developers have left a loving memory of a deceased cat. The cat named Totoro belonged to Game Director Ted Timmins, who shared the story on Twitter.

Forever part of Far Cry 6

Timmins tells in his tweet that his animal pal Totoro sadly passed away unexpectedly during the development of the Ubisoft shooter. The team has immortalised the handsome cat along with his brother Yoshi as graffiti on the walls of Yara. This is what the artwork looks like:

For Timmins, he says it was a beautiful gesture for which he will always be grateful. Among others, Miloš Domuz from CD Projekt, who sadly also lost his cat during the development of Cyberpunk 2077, spoke out in the comments.

Animals have long played important roles in Far Cry, mostly as brave companions and comrades-in-arms for the protagonists. The sixth part is no exception: there is Chorizo, the little dachshund with wheels. Or Guapo, the golden-toothed alligator. Or fighting cock Chicarròn, who even got his own trailer:

However, with a controversial mini-game involving cockfighting, Ubisoft has gotten into trouble with the animal rights organisation PETA