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Friday, September 24, 2021

Dying Light 2: Release postponed again, this time to 2022

Techland postpones Dying Light 2 again, saying the game is not yet in a state for release. Read all the info here.

Developer Techland is postponing Dying Light 2: Stay Human just under two months to 4 February 2022, meaning the release will no longer take place on 7 December 2021. It is already the second postponement after the originally planned date in spring 2020.

The reason Techland gives is that although the game is complete, too many problems have arisen during internal tests. They want to use the additional time to polish and optimise Dying Light 2, so that no compromises have to be made with the developers’ vision.

Critical Timing

It can be assumed that the postponement was not an easy decision for Techland from a business perspective either. With the new release date, Dying Light 2 will miss out on the lucrative Christmas business. The bad news has all the better implications for gamers, as the developers are apparently putting the quality of the product first.

You probably won’t have to wait too much longer for news on Dying Light 2. At the same time as the postponement, Techland announced that press and influencers will get the chance to play the zombie slasher in October 2021.

In the meantime, you can read all the known information, gameplay trailers and details about the story and co. in our review article:

Dying Light 2: All info on the zombie game with open world

Dying Light 2 was originally supposed to be released in spring 2020, but was then postponed indefinitely. Reports spoke of the game being in development hell, meaning major problems existed. Developer Techland denied the reports at the time. A new release date was subsequently delayed for over a year. Now this date cannot be kept either.


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