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Dragon”s Dogma II shows new trailer

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While the first season of New World is still underway, Amazon Games is already getting ready for the second. We round up the highlights from Blood of the Sands 

On 25 May at 7pm, the Amazon MMO New World will launch its second season in the form of a public test area

The title of Blood in the Sand is a historical faction that, under its leader, seeks the eggs of a massive creature called Devourer  So you join the Silver Crows and the Bard Rima to uncover the secrets of the Order and their history with the creature Shah Neshen.

The highlight of the new season is made up of, among other things, the elite test Arena of Shah Neshen  Players can join the Arena of Shah Neshen, the Devourer and battle the massive Sandworm for elite rewards. This PvE mode is designed for 20 players at the highest level.

In addition, Season 2 will introduce a new 3v3 Arena map and a 20v20 Outpost Storm in New World. In the latter, players must fiercely battle to gain control of forts and resources in order to win the game.

Last but not least, New World introduces the Transmog feature , allowing players to further customise their appearance.

Update in early July

On July 6 Blood of the Sands will finally kick off with a new update. This includes a new seasonal journey and activity map, as well as new seasonal events. In addition, there is a new 3v3 arena map, cross-world outpost rush, a massive sandworm and mysterious changes to the world map.

While Amazon Games diligently continues to tinker with New World, they are also working on a new project: an MMO in the setting of The Lord of the Rings.

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