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Laggs in warzone are annoying. And actually the heartbeat sensor is an essential item that should not be missing in any loadout. A new bug is now causing players problems and can cost you your turn.
Since the last update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, players have been complaining about problems.

The player “Hellfire LWD” from the community has published a video in which he uses the heartbeat sensor and the following bug appears:

In the video you can see very well how the image “freezes” and for a few seconds only a still image is seen when the player wants to access the tactical item.

Other players from the community confirm that they have the same connection problems when they unpack the heartbeat sensor for the first time in the game. In the worst case, using the heartbeat sensor will cause the lobby to crash, this problem can quickly ruin the gaming experience.

The bug seems to exist on all platforms and there is no guarantee that the connection problems will occur every time. Nevertheless, you should think twice before taking the heartbeat sensor with you into the fray.


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