Atomic Heart shows new Gameplay Overview Trailer


As the release of Atomic Heart approaches, Mundfish and Focus Entertainment have released a gameplay overview trailer. It goes into detail about the arsenal of weapons, tactical content and your AI sidekick.

The gameplay overview trailer is available in German only.

The eight-minute gameplay trailer begins with another explanation of Atomic Heart’s setting. In an alternate version of the USSR in 1955, robots perform menial tasks for humans so they can focus on art, culture and science. The robots are all connected through the network Collective. But as they are about to launch Network 2.0, something goes wrong and robots start running amok. The population is in grave danger. That’s where you, Agent P-3, come in. Your task is to infiltrate the research facility Faculty 3826 and restore the neural network. But the sprawling faculty harbours many dangers that you must face with force and finesse.

Your AI sidekick

But fortunately, you’re not on your own. Integrated into your handy polymer glove is the AI CHAR-les. The AI provides you with further story tasks, useful character details and important background knowledge. CHAR-les can also scan the environment and hack robots and other equipment. Thanks to your sidekick, you can also use telekinetic and freezing skills to satisfy the five areas of the faculty.

Strategy & Gameplay mechanics of Atomic Heart

Thankfully, you don’t only have to traverse Atomic Heart’s large-scale game world on foot. You can also use the aero train or other vehicles. However, you must be careful, as you can attract unpleasant attention. However, you can use the robot overkill to your advantage by hacking the network’s terminals and simply turning the tables on them.

But robots aren’t your only problem. Mutated plants can take over corpses and become a menacing threat. However, if you use razor-sharp melee weapons against them, you should be able to take them out quickly. In addition to the melee weapons, there is of course also a

wide-ranging remote combat arsenal, which consists of rifles and grenade launchers, among other things. You must either collect valuable ammunition or craft it at the appropriate vending machines. The combination of melee and ranged weapons, glove and upgrades unlock exciting combo possibilities that give your combat that extra, action-packed spice.

What awaits us now?

An action-packed shooter awaits you in Atomic Heart, but it also has a lot more to offer. Exciting plot twists, various and diverse puzzles and a complex environment provide around 25 hours of fun.

The shooter will be available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox from 21 February