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Even Among Us is haunted by cheaters. And this although a victory offers no long-term rewards.

Before his sudden success in 2020, no one had ever been interested in Among Us for two years. As a result, the multiplayer game had few cheaters and the fight against them was given little priority in its further development.

However, the situation has now changed and developer Innersloth is under pressure. Now the studio is telling Kotaku that they will soon take action against the cheaters of Among Us.

The extent of the cheats in Among Us

Twitter user Poco, for example, shows how cheats affect the gameplay of Among Us. According to him, Poco opened a private game with a few other users who were informed about his plans.

The cheats allow this: An extensive mod menu shows the functions that cheaters have access to in Among Us. For example, they can completely bypass the cool down for kills, end the voting phase prematurely, increase the speed of their game character or simply win the game by pressing a button.

An empty victory: There are no levels to be promoted in Among Us. There are no skills or cosmetic items that can be earned by winning the game. You won’t see anything more than the “win” screen at the end of the match.

So it remains questionable what exactly cheaters want to achieve with such a tool – except for the trolling and annoyance of honest players, of course.

Anti-Cheat plans of the developer
The developer has already expressed his views on possible anti-cheat measures to the Kotaku website. He is aware of the problem and therefore tries to implement measures against the cheaters as soon as possible.

First ideas: An account system and a reporting function should initially provide for better moderation and make it possible to exclude the cheaters from the game. At the same time, work is being done on improving the servers so that they automatically detect unauthorized hacks and the like.

There are difficulties: One of the biggest hurdles is that the developer Innersloth consists of just three members. Accordingly, their capacities are limited and the work on anti-cheat measures delays new content for the game.

What’s the next step with Among Us?
Only recently the studio announced that they don’t want to release Among Us 2 after all. Instead, they plan to continue to support the first part and integrate all the content planned for the sequel like new maps.


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