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The Fortnite Season 3 “Splash Down” is coming soon and will probably go live this Wednesday. Leakers found advance information about the new map and the new superhero Aquaman.

Aquaman is the new superhero in Fortnite. In Season 3, which will probably start on Wednesday, everything revolves around the element of water and so the King of the Ocean cannot be missing. quaman comes into play as a separate skin and brings new quests and rewards. Epic Games is thus further expanding its cooperation with DC Comics, as Deadpool was already present in the game. There has also been a collaboration with Disney’s Star Wars.

Already the announcement “Das Gerät” caused a stir last monday when it broke all records in Fortnite and more and more information about the upcoming Season 3 came to light. The spectacular teaser for the new season presented the new map on which a deafening storm moves the water masses around the island.

Aquaman captures the game
The challenges for the first two weeks of Season 3 are already known. For the first challenge you have to use a whirlpool in the Fortilla, for the second you have to use the fishing rod in Sweaty Sands to go behind a loot shark.

Rewards of Aquaman challenges:

Week 1: loading screen “King of the Beach
Week two: Spray “Trident!”
Week 3: Aquaman’s trident pickaxe
Week 4: Back accessory “Supreme Shell
Week 5: 35,000 XP

New map appeared
In addition, the new map has already been leaked – but the design is not appreciated everywhere. Even before the new battlefield can be entered, there was criticism on social media.

For many fans, the map seems far too small for 100 players. In addition, some of the popular spots like the Grotto or Sweaty Sands were put under water.

Cars can now be used
Furthermore HYPEX found out that it is now possible to drive cars in the game. With a flooded map, this means of transport initially appears obsolete. According to the developer, however, the places will not be permanently under water, as the site The Verge reports. Tides cause the water masses in the game to recede, exposing more locations and lanes and thus giving more ways for rotation.https://twitter.com/HYPEX/status/1273135498295488514?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1273135498295488514&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.esports.com%2Fde%2Fsuperheld-aquaman-erobert-die-fortnite-season-3-100311

The well-known Fortnite-Leaker HYPEX already has a date for the end of the season ready. Apparently, Season 3 runs until August 27th.


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