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Monday, December 4, 2023

Fornite – Season 1 returns and revives Battle Royale!

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The latest Fortnite leaks give us hope for the return of the game’s beloved Season 1!

The latest Fortnite leaks show us the return of the game’s beloved Season 1 maps, with this spectacular return set to kick off in the upcoming Season 4.

There is also said to be a map rotation that will bring back many old maps and weapons.

Fortnite keeps bringing new content to the game, but a leak on the return of Season 1 has the community’s hearts racing.

OG Fortnite players, who have made new friends and memories through the game and fought countless battles, will likely be very excited for a possible return.

Fornite leaks show us the return of Season 1 maps!

According to an Egyptian Fortnite leaker, the first Season of Fortnite will get a reboot. Through a “time corruption”, various chapters from Season 1 will be playable again in the Battle Royale!

This theory is supported by the dropping of items in the current Season.

Items such as a Durr Burger sign and the Dusty Diner sign have landed on the Frenzy Fields, arriving on the island through Kado Thorne’s time machine and hinting at Season 1.

Of course, the social media platforms are now puzzling over what exactly this is all about. But many players are optimistic and call the events the rebirth of Fortnite.

Hype train incoming!

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