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Flare gun, tornadoes and new NPCs – Fortnite brings new content

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Fortnite has once again prepared new content for the players. Some leakers report on content that we can expect in the future

Epic Games integrates new content into the game Fortnite every week. From new skins, to recurring items and various events. However, some leakers always manage to figure out what’s coming next through data mining. On Twitter, they have shared the following information.

More NPCs

Leaker HYPEX writes that three new NPCs will appear near the Daily Bugle at once. He assumes that one of them will be Peter Parker’s girlfriend Mary Jane. The NPCs are said to be selling an infinite Spider-Man web shooter for 400 gold. He also suspects that Green Goblin will also be there, as the foundation has a flight animation reminiscent of the Green Goblin. However, he does not yet give any details about the third NPC and when they might appear.

Update: The following content was added on 11.01.2022

Flare Gun and Weather

The Flare Gun will be playable in Fortnite this week, according to leaker Shiina. It will also be required in the weekly challenges, so the weapon should appear before Thursday. Tornadoes and lightning are also supposed to come into the game with the same update.

The two leakers are well known in the Fortnite scene and were usually right with their assumptions, so it can be assumed that they will be right here as well. That means we can expect a lot more new content this week. Plus, the snow is melting too.

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