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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

PSG stars react to FIFA ratings

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Sergio Ramos is out to get the makers of his FIFA 23 card – or is he? In a bizarre interview, numerous PSG stars are presented with their cards. How do they react?

Just before the release of FIFA 23, the Paris Saint-Germain team came up with a little challenge.

Connected to a lie detector, Kimpembe, Mbappé, Ramos, Vitinha, Marquinhos and Hakimi are presented with their FIFA 23 cards for the first time. How do they react and, above all, are they honest or are they lying?

Despite fantastic stats: PSG stars want more

French defender Presnel Kimpembe expresses disappointment at his 83 rating. “It’s the same score as last year, isn’t it?” When questioned by the interviewer, the 27-year-old replies that he deserved more. However, he is satisfied with his 80 points in speed – the polygraph disagrees.

Vitinha’s reaction is completely different. The 22-year-old newcomer is happy with his 79, even if he would like to improve further. “I think it could be even better, but compared to last year it is very, very good. Last year was disastrous!”

In FIFA 22, Vitinha wasn’t even a gold card and had to settle for 67 and a silver.

Achraf Hakimi is one of the best right-backs in the game with an 84 rating. Still, he is not at all pleased. “The guy who made the card doesn’t seem to have seen a Paris game,” the 23-year-old says recalcitrantly.

Marquinhos also seems unhappy with his excellent 88 rating. The Brazilian does attest to being happy about it, but the lie detector exposes him to a lie.

When questioned, the Paris Defence Chief explains that while it is a good card, he wants to be the best.

Ramos wants to “destroy” makers of his map

For the last 15 years, Sergio Ramos has been one of the best in his profession. When the Spaniard left Real Madrid last summer, he could proudly look back on an 88 rating.

This year it was only enough for 84. His feedback on the new card is just as straightforward and uncompromising as he is on the pitch. “I definitely think I should be rated higher.” Jokingly, the current PSG star adds that he will destroy the maker of this card.

With a rhythmic nod of his head, PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé accepts his rating. “It’s not bad,” the Frenchman adds coolly about his FIFA 23 card. “I mean, 91, there aren’t many players with a 91, right?”. In fact, only four other players count among this illustrious circle of 91s: Messi, Lewandowski, Benzema and De Bruyne.

Mbappé, however, gives the card’s developer one more question. “I know I’m not the best defender. But 36 [points] in defence? For real? He acts like I’m not there when we’re defending – like I’m getting a coffee or something in that time. “


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