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The way to the best team in FIFA Ultimate Team mode is not easy. But even in FIFA 21 there are ways to get the coins into your account more easily.

Tim “TimLatka” Schwartmann and Mirza Jahic are showing the way this year: The arduous path of a Road to Glory – without real money to become a FIFA dream team. In order to collect the coins for it, there must be other ways than buying FIFA points for packs.

But how can you make Coins?
One tangible method is the first Standard Squad Building Challenges: “The SBCs around Hybrid Nations are very price efficient and you can almost only make a profit if you focus on them. The rewards are really good,” TimLatka sums it up for esports.com. The rewards include an Electrum Players Pack or even a prime Gold Players Pack.

The Marque Matchups on the SBCs also offer a price-performance alternative. On the other hand, players that are needed there also quickly rise in market value on the transfer market – so even there it is worthwhile to act quickly if you have players in the FUT club.

Playing the FUT modes is the simplest way to win coins. In Division Rivals there are bonus coins for the divisions that were skipped at the start of FUT after the five placement matches.

If you do well, you’ll end up in Division 2, but you’ll still get the bonuses of over 120,000 coins for the divisions that were skipped.

Monday’s Squad Battles!
Also over Squad Battles, where it goes against AI-controlled selections, it rains coins weekly. As opponents there are normal teams of players from all over the world, teams of celebrities or the selection from Team-of-the-Week.

40 games fall into the ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or Top 200), where there are rewards depending on the final ranking of the week. After the 40 games there are only coins left.

Like the Division Rivals and also the Weekend League, which every good FIFA player should have on his screen anyway, the Squad Battles are a weekly repeatable challenge that constantly brings in coins.

Silver and bronze are also worth something
With a view to trading, the transfer market and fluctuating prices, there are also a few simple tips for coin profits. Take a look at bronze and silver players in the big leagues. These can be useful with the corresponding SBCs.

The solutions for SBCs on e.g. FUTBin can also show when lost players from your own team suddenly gain value.

Look at real matches – of course because the team-of-the-week is based on them, but mainly because players who might have a hype right after the match are in the focus. Many fans simply buy this one player for their team because they want to play him.

Also all kinds of items that are included in packs should not be rejected. If a few coins are missing to buy a card, you can fall back on the sale of these items.

So you can at least counter the players who put money into FIFA points with your team.


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