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Diablo 4 Open World explained: All tasks and activities

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One of the biggest innovations in Diablo 4 is the open world. What there is for you to do and discover, we explain to you here.

The world of Diablo 4 will be huge and contain numerous dungeons, towns and villages. While exploring, various open-world activities should also ensure that you don”t get bored so quickly. What there is to do is summarised here. All other important information about the action RPG can be found at a glance in our overview.

All activities in the Diablo 4 Open World

You can pass the time in Sanctuary with the following tasks and opportunities:

  • Side quests
  • Bases
  • world bosses
  • Events
  • Altars
  • Dungeons

The following activities are only available after completing the main quest, or certain chapters, and some require certain world tiers:

  • Fields of Hate
  • Whispers of the dead
  • Flood of Hell

side quests

(Prerequisites: Available at any time, sometimes appear after liberating a base – Reward: Loot, resources and fame)

Of course, the most basic side quest away from the main quests will also exist in Diablo 4: In each region, numerous side quests are waiting to be completed by you. You will not only be rewarded with resources and loot for completing them, but you will also increase your fame. Once you have collected a certain number of fame points, you will be rewarded with skill points and more for all your characters:

  • 80 points: +1 skill point
  • 100 points (180 total): +1 potion charge
  • 120 points (300 total) +1 skill point
  • 200 points (500 total) +1 skill point
  • 300 points (800 total) +4 Paragon points


(To free a fortress, you must not only defeat enemies, but also complete other small tasks.)
(To free a fortress, you must not only defeat enemies, but also complete other small tasks.)

(Prerequisites: Are only realistically doable from the given level – Reward: Experience, Loot, 50 Fame points)

Forts are occupied by demons or bandits and can be freed by you, but here you have to make sure that the level of the fort is not too high. After completion, they change permanently and become safe havens and settlements, which often have a waypoint. In addition, new activities and sometimes dungeons are unlocked. Rewards also include 50 fame points, loot and experience.

World Bosses

(Prerequisites: You need some allies to defeat a boss – Rewards: Loot)

Scattered around the world, you can also find intimidating world bosses like the gold-horned fellow seen above. You shouldn”t face them alone though, these battles are designed for groups of players. If you win, the boss will spit out a lot of loot.


(Some events are clearly designed for groups, but can also be completed alone.)
(Some events are clearly designed for groups, but can also be completed alone.)

(Prerequisites: Available at any time, sometimes easier to do in a group – Rewards: Vary)

When exploring an area, you may stumble upon certain events at any time, such as:

  • A destroyed caravan that you must defend against attackers.
  • A ghost you must escort through a dangerous area.
  • A ritual waiting to be performed. Here you must stand on several pedestals and defend yourself against attacking enemies. There is a bonus for keeping to a time limit.

Of course, these events also bring you different rewards.


Requirements: Available at any time – Rewards: Experience, Fame points, permanent buff

The returned Lilith has had altars built for her all over Sanctuary. If you find one, you can destroy it. This activity is like a classic open-world collecting task, but it”s really worth it! As a reward, you will receive experience, 5 fame points and one of the following permanent buffs for all characters for each altar you destroy:

  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Willpower
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +8 Health


(Prerequisites: Available at any time, Nightmare Seal for Nightmare Dungeons – Rewards: Experience, Loot, Resources)

It would be hard to imagine Diablo without dungeons, and Diablo 4 scatters around 150 of these demon breeding grounds throughout its world. Here you can fight your way through hordes of nasty monsters and defeat a boss at the end, which then drops a lot of loot. If you revisit the dungeon, the structure and the number of enemies will be randomly changed to offer variety.

In addition to the standard dungeons, there are also smaller cellars that only comprise one room and are home to a stronger enemy and helpers. If you find a nightmare seal, you can complete a certain dungeon in a particularly high difficulty level. However, this is more part of the end-game content, as are the following activities.

Fields of Hate

(To cleanse the collected seeds is to take a great risk.)
(To cleanse the collected seeds is to take a great risk.)

(Requirements: Campaign completed – Rewards: Red dust, or cosmetic items)

Those who have already killed quite a few demons, completed the main quest and are longing for a new challenge can compete with other players in PvP on the Fields of Hate. Here you can collect seeds of hate and turn them into red dust at an altar.

If the desire to fight drives you into the PvP zone, you can also mark yourself as hostile and attack other players directly.

However, both will attract the attention of your human competitors and the latter can defeat you during the transformation and steal your seeds. Once you have successfully transformed them, however, the dust can no longer get away from you and can be exchanged for cosmetic items. Cosmetic items are also available for purchase in the in-game shop.

Whisper of the dead

(The whispering tree rewards you generously for a certain number of completed quests.)
(The whispering tree rewards you generously for a certain number of completed quests.)

(Requirements: after completing a certain chapter of the campaign – Rewards: experience, gold, gruesome gifts, loot

On the map, after completing a particular campaign chapter, you will find various Whispering Tree tasks that change regularly and include such things as bounty hunts. You will receive experience, gold and gruesome gifts for completing them. You can then exchange ten of these gifts for loot and experience at the tree.

Hell Flood

(Requirements: Campaign completed, World level 3 – Rewards: Valuable Loot, Embers)

Whoever is on Nightmare difficulty (world level 3) or higher after completing the campaign may encounter a Hell Flood. In this area, demons are significantly stronger and more numerous, but also drop more valuable loot and embers. You can use this currency to open hellflood chests, which contain plenty of blessings exclusive to a single item slot, such as for the body, legs or two-handed weapons. When you die, however, the embers are lost.

What do you think of the Open World? Do you think you”ll enjoy the activities or do you think they”re unnecessary? Feel free to post your opinions in the comments!


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