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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077: No cyberware, no leveling up, no sneaking – YouTuber dares wacky experiment

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Can you play through Cyberpunk 2.0 on the highest difficulty without leveling up V in any way? YouTuber AbraHamSandwich has tried it out

Life in Night City doesn’t get much more difficult than this: A YouTuber has tested whether he can play Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 completely  without cyberware and other enhancements – on the highest difficulty level. 

We only recently found out that V is still pretty powerful without Cyberware. But only with the initial attributes against powerful opponents like Oda or Adam Smasher?!

How the complex experiment went

You can see the full video here on the AbraHamSandwich channel, we’ll summarize the most important things below if you don’t have an hour to spare:

These are the most important rules for the run:

  • No cyberware! All improvements that V receives automatically in the story must be uninstalled as quickly as possible. Only the Kiroshi eyes are predefined by the game, but only provide insignificant bonuses.
  • No sneaking! You are not allowed to avoid combat, but must face your enemies head-on.
  • No armor! V may not have any armor value, neither through equipment nor cyberware (which is taboo anyway). For the sake of simplicity, V just runs around in his underpants.
  • Do not increase any attributes! V keeps the values from start to finish. Among other things, this also means that the health energy remains very low and V sometimes goes down after a single hit from a boss enemy.
  • Highest difficulty! The “Hardcore” difficulty level reduces the HUD and strengthens V’s enemies, among other things.
  • Chat decides on weapon! AbraHamSandwich let the viewers of his stream vote on which weapon he used in a mission. And yes, of course, sex toys often won.

Did he make it? Yes, AbraHamSandwich completed the main game – but probably got a few gray hairs in the process. Especially for boss fights against strong opponents such as the Cyberninja Oda or Johnny Silverhand’s arch-enemy Adam Smasher, he needed many attempts to defeat them. Battles against large groups of enemies were also tough, normally V can at least take out a few stealthily before the big slaughter starts – but not in this run!

Now you know, it’s possible without improvements. Do you dare to take on the hardcore challenge yourself or is it too much effort for you? Do you enjoy watching such unusual runs or do you think games should simply be played as they are normally intended? Let us know in the comments below!


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