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FACEIT announces new CS:GO league

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FACEIT officially announced a new league in the night to Thursday. Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles calls the new FACEIT project “B Site”.

Whether the CS:GO league will also be launched under this name in March, we do not know yet. But we do know that FACEIT has gathered an epic talent team. And MonteCristo promises: “We want to do something for adults, not Disney.”

B Site has been in planning for months…

Recently we reported on the departure of MonteCristo as a talent in the Overwatch League. At that time he announced that he would be involved in the design of new competitions. Now he has confirmed via Twitter to work together with the teams, FACEIT and Duncan “Thorin” Shields for months on B Site. How exactly the league will be designed, nobody wanted to reveal yet, but the role model is the MSL in Starcraft, with “Showmanship” and “Trash-Talking”.

Except for Cloud9 the participating teams are not yet known. But FACEIT already introduced the broadcaster team.

Semmler, seangares and JZFB

With a fragmentary movie commented by the Talents, the broadcaster team was announced. Besides MonteCristo and Thorin, who are both supposed to be active in front and behind the camera, we can look forward to former pros Jason “moses” O’Toole, Anders “Anders” Blume, Daniel “ddk” Kapadia and Sean “seangares” Gares. Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat, who until recently was himself active for the Overwatch League, will also be sitting in front of the microphone at B Site. The field will be completed by Freya Spiers, who is best known for her post and pregame interviews.

How to go on

“you’ll have a whole new eSports experience,” Thorin promises full-bodied on Twitter. However, there hasn’t been much more than a lot of advance praise so far. FACEIT will announce new information about B-Site soon – so we can be curious.

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