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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

CS2 is coming! – But community and professionals agree: the game is not ready yet!

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Counter-Strike 2 is about to be released, but the game isn’t even finished yet, according to the community and many pro gamers.

The long-awaited release of Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner. But the game is not even close to being finished.

After some gameplay moments and technical difficulties of the beta, pro gamers agree that Counter-Strike 2 is not ready for the competitive scene.

It’s hailing criticism for Counter-Strike 2 

Pro players, during the Season 18 playoffs of the ESL Pro League, discussed their experiences with the CS2 beta and have a clear opinion of the game.

Virtus Pro’s n0rb3r7 said, for example:

It’s not ready for competitive, “

He also added that character movement, delayed grenade explosions, and the animation of smoke grenades as they bloom, are the worst elements of the beta.

Turkish sniper woxic agrees with n0rb3r7’s opinion and thinks that the movement in CSGO is much better. Compared to CSGO, it would be like carrying a backpack with 200 kilograms of luggage.

In addition, the Smoke grenades would be very inconsistent. After a Smoke blossoms, it would take on random shapes, giving players various advantages or disadvantages.

Also streamer Smooya, a CSGO veteran, have their opinion on Counter-Strike 2. Back in July, he said that Counter-Strike 2 would be almost perfect, but some aspects still need to be improved by Valve to come close to CSGO. Unfortunately, Valve has not yet managed to eradicate these bugs.

Valve fixed some issues, with the blooming of the Smoke grenades back in August, and has brought it back more in line with its CSGO counterpart. Still, the feeling from woxic and n0rb3r7 is that it feels different.

Team Liquid veteran NAF also weighed in on this and feels Valve hasn’t gotten the spray pattern right yet.

Short Taps and Burst Rifles would feel good, but spraying the weapons would remind him of Valorant as it would be very inconsistent.

Positive aspects of Counter-Strike 2

The feedback is not all negative. Complexity’s floppy loves that Valve has introduced the MR12 system

I actually like MR12, it feels like there are extra rounds in MR15 that are just useless, “

He also enjoys the extra rest he and his team get during practice. A full 30 rounds would be way too tiring and too long.

It’s clear that it will take some time for everyone to get used to the changes in Counter-Strike 2, and Valve will continue to update the game and fix bugs on a regular basis.

But the more important point is whether Valve will be able to keep the announced release.


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