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Warzone 2 – Developers introduce redeploy drones and no one cares

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The Warzone 2 developers are introducing Redeploy drones, but no one really cares. We tell you why that might be.

Imagine Redeploy drones being introduced and no one really cares. Even though the Warzone community is always thirsty for new content, the recent introduction of the Redeploy drones is mostly of no concern to them. We”ll tell you what it”s all about.

Desperation act?

Actually, the Redeploy drones were not supposed to be introduced to Warzone 2 until the Season 2 Reloaded update.

However, given the massive problems the BR shooter is currently in, there is much to suggest that the premature introduction of the drones is intended to distract the community from the game”s problems.

But the problem with this is that many players currently see bigger problems in Warzone 2 than missing Redeploy drones on Ashika Island.

Especially the new shotgun KV Broadside, the still many bugs and a never ending flood of cheaters annoy the community.

At the moment, many of the innovations of Season 2 feel like a band-aid for a broken leg and are simply taken note of by a large part of the players instead of triggering storms of enthusiasm.

Communication? No, thanks!

As if the many unresolved problems in Warzone 2 weren”t bad enough, the developers are increasingly shrouded in silence and hardly communicate with their own community.

Warzone guru JGOD also sees the current state of Warzone 2 as extremely critical and addresses the game”s biggest problems in his latest video.

Even in their official Trello board, the developers do not list errors and bugs, some of which have been known for weeks.

The downward spiral in which the game currently finds itself could be greatly improved by better interaction with the community – even if not all bugs are fixed immediately.

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