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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

This shooter sale tends to get overlooked: Escape from Tarkov reduced for a short time

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The ultra-realistic shooter is not on the sales platforms Steam, Epic and Co. – so a discount promotion like this goes down quickly.

If Battlefield and Call of Duty are too easy for you, you love thrills and shooters can’t be realistic enough, then you should pay attention now: Escape from Tarkov is reduced. 

Why is this special? You can’t buy the dark niche shooter in shops like Steam, Epic, GOG or Gamesplanet. Escape from Tarkov can only be purchased via its own website. That’s why the already rare offers go down quickly.

If you have never heard of Escape from Tarkov, take a look at the following trailer to get a rough idea of the shooter: 

All information about the discount campaign

The offer lasts for three days only: The sale starts yesterday, August 3, at 11:01pm and ends on August 6 at 10:59pm. In the meantime, you can grab it on the (official website of Escape from Tarkov). By the way, don’t be surprised that there is talk of a pre-order – the game is still in Early Access, so you have access to the closed beta.

The game is available in different versions, where you get useful equipment, more inventory space or your own ingame ID. Of course, these are also differently priced and reduced: 

  • Standard Edition: 30 Euro, reduced by 15 percent 
  • Left Behind Edition: 49 Euro, reduced by 15 percent 
  • Prepare for Escape Edition: 68 Euro, reduced by 15 percent 
  • Edge of Darkness Limited Edition: 88 Euro, reduced by 20 percent 

All those who already own one or more editions will also get a 15 percent discount if they want to stock up 

What can you expect from Escape from Tarkov? 

Escape from Tarkov is merciless. If you die, your hard-won equipment is gone. A slow and deliberate approach is therefore the key to success, as you will also die quickly.

You don’t only have to be afraid of other players, AI opponents can also make life difficult for you. In order to ultimately play a successful round, you don’t have to be the last survivor like in battle royal shooters, but similar to Hunt: Showdown leave the map in one piece.

It’s especially worth starting the shooter nowbecause of a recent wipe. This is not at all unimportant, as all players have started from scratch again and are not already over-equipped. These wipes are very rare and only happen every few months. 

Are you interested in Escape from Tarkov or is the shooter already too realistic and exhausting for you? And did you have this discount promotion on your radar, or did you miss out on the sale? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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