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New weapon meta in Warzone – How to get your weapons to level 70 quickly

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If you want to use all the attachments of a new weapon, you have to get it to a high level quickly. We’ll tell you how to do it as easy as pie.

We tell you how to get a lot of experience more effectively and, above all, faster in Call of Duty: Warzone. An old trick gets a second lease of life in Season 3 and lets you level up your weapons in record time.

6000 XP per minute

With Classified Arms, the third season of Warzone started on 27 April and brought with the release not only two new weapons but also a nerf of the sniper rifles. Suddenly, weapons that we long considered irrelevant are back in the focus of loadout and weapon guides. We tell you how to get the dusty lead syringes in your gun cabinet to the maximum level in no time at all in order to be able to use all the attachments.

Over the course of two years of Warzone, countless weapons have been added to the game. On average, it takes 140,000 to 150,000 weapon XP to reach the maximum level of a weapon. Warzone guru JGOD has presented a method on his YouTube channel that has become topical again with the release of Season 3 and the accompanying sniper changes. It takes between 60 and 90 minutes to bring a weapon up to the highest level.

How it works
To get your inventory to level 70 at high speed, you need to do the following:

  • Create your loadout with the weapons you want to level
  • Select the perk “Pointman”, for maximum efficiency all your teammates should have the perk equipped
  • Activate a dual weapon XP token if you have one
  • Starts Caldera Clash mode
  • Accept and complete orders

JGOD says in his video that he managed to go from weapon level 16 to 36 in just one match using the trick. However, whether you manage to complete 15 to 16 missions in every match is questionable.

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