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CoD Warzone 2: New skin further exacerbates Pay2Win – and that”s not the only problem

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With Season 3, skin bundles appeared in Warzone 2 that offer gameplay advantages. A new skin is now causing trouble for a second reason

Warzone 2 has always caused head-scratching since its release. The major technical problems have largely been fixed in the meantime, as we also note in the test update. However, controversial skins have caused a stir in the community lately. A new bundle is now being criticized for two reasons

Pay2Win in DMZ

The new Operator bundle called Roze and Thorn not only provides the accompanying skin, but also gives you a tangible gameplay advantage in the DMZ extraction mode when you equip it. In each round, you”ll start with a free UAV drone that can show nearby enemies on the minimap. You”ll also get an insured weapon that you can reuse much faster than other players after a death.


The bundle can be purchased with 1,800 CoD points, which can be earned for real money. You earn small amounts of the points in the free Battle Pass as well, but that”s usually not enough for a bundle.

Roze and Thorn is not the first bundle to be accused of Pay2Win mechanics. Already at the release of Season 3, a purchasable operator bundle gave you a bigger backpack at the start of the game in DMZ. The developers then reacted to the clear criticism from the community with a small change, which however did not address the core of the problem.

Reuse of Warzone skins

However, this is not the end of the trouble. Perhaps you remember the excitement surrounding the supposed return of the Roze skin? The second point of criticism goes in a similar direction. Because Roze and Thorn is strikingly similar to a skin from the first Warzone:

Among others the CoD experts at CharlieIntel are now voicing the accusation that plain old skins from Modern Warfare of 2019 are being slightly adapted and resold. Instead of creating new skins, players are being fleeced in order to sell old merchandise to them again, they say.

Once again, the new bundle is far from the only skin to attract attention in this way. Already before recycled operators had caused discussions in the community.

What do you think about the new skins for DMZ? Do you think that the gameplay advantage is rather small and therefore insignificant? Or do you think that a red line has been crossed here? And does it annoy you that you have to spend money for skins that have hardly been changed? Feel free to write it in the comments!


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