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CoD Warzone 2 divides fans and pros – what”s going on?

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The new multiplayer shooter is currently in beta, but the first reactions and opinions are divided. One party”s criticisms are the other”s plus points. We summarise the arguments of both sides.

CoD Warzone 2 is not long in coming: While MW2 will already be released on 28 October, the Battle Royale will hit the market barely two weeks later on 16 November. However, opinions on the information so far differ greatly.

Why Warzone 2 is probably a step back for some fans, but at the same time a clear step forward for some others, we clarify here.

The controversial points

One thing Activision cannot be accused of: That Warzone 2 doesn”t try to implement anything new into the game. Some things are clearly different from the predecessor. While some praise the variety, others fear the changes can become annoying. One of the innovations is the map Al Mazrah. In the following picture gallery you can take a closer look at the map:

No loadout drops 

Warzone 2 does not have any loadout drops. This means that you will not have the opportunity to prepare your loadout in full detail before the match, and then order a pack with your specific loadout in-game with enough in-game currency. Instead, like in most other Battle Royale shooters, you will have to loot classically or buy your modified weapons individually at shops. Perks will not be available at all at the release of Warzone 2. 

Streamer Repullze welcomes the change, as do many of his followers.

CoD insider Hope, on the other hand, is anything but enthusiastic. In his view, the absence of loadout drops leads to more selfish team players.

Lootsystem á la Blackout

Another controversy is the new loot system in Warzone 2. When you open a box, the items no longer fly out of the box like in the predecessor. This meant you could then quickly take anything you liked. Instead, Warzone 2 opens a window that lists the weapons and items. The system is reminiscent of the Battle Royale from Black Ops 4, Blackout.

Here, too, opinions are divided. Ryan B. sees this as a big win for the shooter, especially for Blackout fans.

BennyCentral, on the other hand, among other criticisms, thinks it feels like a step backwards.

More changes

These are also far from the only changes you can expect in Warzone 2. There are now 2v2 battles in the Gulag, there are also NPC enemies running around on the new map Al Mazrah and the zones are now divided into several areas.

User Modern Warzone started a poll on Twitter after the Reveal event on 16 September about how the Battle Royale has been received so far: out of almost 34,000 votes, almost 59 percent are positive, while a rounded 41 percent are negative.

How the shooter will ultimately be received at release is of course still unclear. So far, only the multiplayer of MW2 could be played in the beta, so the opinions on Warzone 2 are based purely on the information from Activision.

What is your opinion on Warzone 2 so far? Do the changes make sense or are they too far removed from the predecessor? Drop us a line in the comments!

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