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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

CoD Modern Warfare 3: The legendary map Shipment is now officially confirmed

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One of the most popular maps also makes it into the new Call of Duty. But until then, there is also a good alternative

Update from November 21, 2023: Now the cat is out of the shipping container. Sledgehammer Games has officially confirmed that the Shipment map will return in Season 1! Only an exact date is still not mentioned. Until then, you can already play a great alternative – you can find out more in the original message below. You can read the statement in this tweet:

Original message from November 20, 2023: The new Call of Duty caused a lot of discussion on release: The campaign is a big disappointment for critics and fans alike. In the multiplayer, there are some welcome improvements over its predecessor, but the matchmaking is also a source of annoyance. And then there’s the accusation that Modern Warfare 3 is basically just a glorified DLC.

What most fans would undoubtedly be happy about, however, would be a return of the Chaos map Shipment. Fortunately, this is not at all unlikely, but in the meantime there is also a good alternative.

Is Shipment coming back?

It has not yet been confirmed that Shipment will return as a map in Modern Warfare 3. However, the map has already been the subject of several leaks. Long before the release (one leaker) claimed that Shipment would be back in the latest Call of Duty

And in early November, someone managed to get access to the game before release. In this version, Shipment, Shoothouse and other multiplayer maps were apparently playable. As EarlyGame reports, Activision had the leaker’s post removed, so it is most likely correct information.

It’s safe to assume that the developers won’t miss the opportunity to bring back the map so popular with the community in some form, even if it’s only the version from Modern Warfare 2 that’s being reused. However, it is still unclear when Shipment will be released. Other maps await us in Season 1, and the container map could possibly return with Season 1 Reloaded.

A good alternative

If you already want the chaos, hectic pace and fast grind of Shipment, Modern Warfare 3 offers a good alternative. Rust, another classic map that found its way into the latest Call of Duty at release, pushes similar buttons.

It is also a fairly small map where you never have to fight for long. Camping is not particularly attractive here either, even if there is a large tower in the middle and slightly longer lines of sight than on Shipment. However, this also has the advantage that you can level up weapons designed for longer distances quite well here.

Are you also hoping that Shipment will soon expand the map selection of Modern Warfare 3? Would you like a completely different location back? Or are you actually quite happy with the available maps and can do without completely chaotic matches? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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