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CoD Modern Warfare 2: We know a surprising amount about Call of Duty 2022 (UPDATE)

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CoD Modern Warfare 2: Two secret clues are hiding in the first teaser

The Reveal of Call of Duty 2022 seems to reveal only the logo at first glance. But fans are already discovering secret messages in the first teaser.

The CoD developers at Infinity Ward have revealed the logo for this year’s instalment and with it the final title: Modern Warfare 2 will be the name of the shooter, which is represented in the logo with a stylised “MIIW”.

Only moments after the animated image was posted online, fans discovered secret clues about the setting and plot of Modern Warfare 2. Find out what it’s all about here.

Note 1: Task Force 141

If you stop the animation at a certain point, the icon of Task Force 141 can be seen for a split second. This confirms that the special unit will return and probably play a larger role in the plot of Modern Warfare 2. Long-time fans of the MW series can look forward to a reunion with old acquaintances.

What is Task Force 141? The multinational special forces unit has played a leading role in the MW series since the first part in 2007. Founding members include John “Soap” MacTavish, the protagonist from Call of Duty 4, and Captain Price, one of the most famous cult characters in CoD history.

In the original 2009 MW2, Task Force 141 was betrayed by US General Shepherd and several members were killed. It operated autonomously from then on. At the end of the 2019 MW reboot, Task Force 141 is reconstituted.

Note 2: Singapore

Also, the coordinates 1.3521° North, 103.8198° East have been discovered. As CoD’s Tom Henderson found out on Twitter, they point to the location of the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore an iconic building in the Southeast Asian island nation made up of three distinctive skyscrapers and a rooftop greenery. So far, there has been talk in insider circles of a drug cartel scenario in Latin America.

Whether and to what extent this location will play a role in Modern Warfare 2 is not yet known. However, Henderson explains that he saw a soldier climbing on a very similar skyscraper façade in early images from MW2 and provides a screenshot from CoD Ghosts for comparison:

Exemplary rush to… a logo?

The reveal of the Modern Warfare 2 logo caused a massive stir on social media: a few minutes after the post, the hashtag ModernWarfare2 was among the top trends on Twitter.

One of the striking things is how quickly the post went viral: While the gameplay reveal of the predecessor CoD Vanguard has only managed 34,000 likes to date, the animated logo for MW2 (without gameplay, mind you) already has 134,000 likes after less than 24 hours.

Meanwhile, much more is known about Modern Warfare 2 than just the logo: thanks to leaks and insider information, we already have a pretty accurate picture of what the new CoD will look like! Here you can find the complete overview:

In this overview we collect all information on release, gameplay, weapons and so on. We will update this article regularly as soon as news become known. Please keep in mind that there are no official announcements about CoD 2022 yet and consider all leaks with appropriate caution.

What we know so far about the MW2 reveal

(~) Infinity Ward itself fuels speculation: On April 22, Infinity Ward blacked out the banner and profile picture of the in-house (Twitter) and (Instagram) accounts without warning. Under normal circumstances, virtually nothing can be made out in either image, but when brightened up, one of the most prominent characters in the Modern Warfare series can be made out: Ghost!

(~) Who is Ghost? The soldier with the skull mask is an icon of the MW series and part of Captain Price’s Task Force 141. In the original MW2 from 2009, Ghost (his real name is Simon Riley) was betrayed and murdered by General Shepherd.

(~) What does this mean? This is fuelling speculation and rumours of an imminent Modern Warfare 2 reveal from the developer himself. There are also rumours circulating about a playtest, where first players can try MW2 and give feedback as early as 25 April

Diverse leaks have caused excitement on Twitter about the upcoming Call of Duty game Modern Warfare II. We have summarised the information for you.

Hidden CoD Teaser

On April 22, CoD developer Infinity Ward completely blacked out its Twitter profile picture, briefly causing confusion within the community. A short time later, however, fans got to work and discovered a hidden clue to the upcoming Call of Duty game, which is expected to be released in autumn.

After the resourceful internet detectives used technical aids to make the pitch-black profile picture brighter, they were able to discover a face belonging to an old acquaintance from the Modern Warfare series. Simon “Ghost” Riley was a member of Taskforce 141 and was previously considered to be deceased. The picture therefore gives rise to speculation about the time in which Modern Warfare II will be set or whether Riley was actually killed.

Changes to the Armoury

CoD leaker “TheGhostOfHope” sweetened the weekend for Call of Duty fans when he presented the first information about Modern Warfare II’s future weaponry on his Twitter account, also on 22 April. According to the leak, there will only be five weapon attachments in the future instead of ten as before. Even though the ten attachments introduced by Vanguard create interesting combination possibilities, it complicates the balancing and thus always makes for unintentionally strong weapons.

TheGhostOfHope, who is considered a reliable source for CoD leaks, had already announced a possible change of Perks for Modern Warfare II in March. It seems the developers want to go back to the old Call of Duty values to simplify the game a bit again. In Vanguard alone, for example, there are currently over 200 different weapon attachments, making it difficult for both developers and the community to even keep track of them.

Playtest already this week?

Another leaker caused a stir last weekend with an announcement. On 23 April, CoD insider “RalphsValve” tweeted that, according to his source, “reliable SoCal residents and influencers” had been invited to take part in a playtest for Modern Warfare II. The new CoD game could thus be further along in its development than many thought, which could argue for a release this autumn.

Leaker veteran Tom Henderson confirmed RalphsValve’s report with a simple green tick. After the disappointing release of CoD: Vanguard 2021, expectations are correspondingly high and many fans are hoping for nothing less than the best Call of Duty in years. Until that happens, however, we will have to continue to enjoy Vanguard & Warzone and look forward to the (new Season) , which will be released on 27 April.

What do we know about the maps?

According to the leaker (RalphsValve), the maps in Modern Warfare 2 are supposed to be more like the maps like in the shooter perennial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Specifically, this should mean that the maps will be more unique and diverse so that they gain a higher replayability similar to CS:GO, where Dust2, Inferno and other classics have been played up and down for years.

According to Twitter user @WarzoneQG, this map could be designed around the Search & Destroy game mode. He also shows an example of a possible map layout:

What does Modern Warfare 2 do to Warzone?

According to Videogameschronicles, a new map for the Battle Royale will be released again in 2022, composed of well-known multiplayer maps from the first Modern Warfare 2. For example, Favela, Quarry and Terminal. According to the latest information, this is the DMZ map. It is likely that this map will replace Caldera in CoD Warzone at the end of 2022 just as Verdansk disappeared with the release of CoD Vanguard.

What do leaks reveal about CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022)?

What is the setting of CoD 2022?

According to insiders like Tom Henderson, it will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, i.e. a modern scenario. Specifically, it is to be about the drug war of Colombian cartels, Task Force 141 is to return.

This time it is said to be the turn of the development studio Infinity Ward again, which is traditionally responsible for the MW series, most recently Modern Warfare (2019) was released by them. As usual, Activision will act as publisher.

Is there a campaign in Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, there is said to be a classic solo campaign again, with familiar faces appearing. New is allegedly a morality system with decisions, as the website (videogameschronicle.com) wants to have verified: It is supposed to work similarly to Red Dead Redemption 2 and have a great influence on the course of the campaign.

Allegedly, the dark story is inspired by films like (Sicario) and (No Country for Old Men) and also shows a corresponding degree of violence. Even the predecessor Modern Warfare (2019) relied on some brutal shock moments:

What is known about the multiplayer?

According to the Twitter account RalphsValve, which claims to have insider information, there will be a completely new mode that is reminiscent of Hazard Zone from Battlefield 2042 and Escape From Tarkov. The focus is supposed to be on realistic gameplay, you collect loot and then head to an extraction point.

Your movement speed is said to be slower, there is also talk of a marketplace and a points-based weaponsmith where you have to earn attachments first. In this mode, 25 to 30 players will compete per round, in solos, duos, trios and quads. It will exist independently of the normal multiplayer and Warzone.

Learned from R6 Siege: Attack vs. Defence

But the leaker RalphsValve also wants info on another mode. It is supposed to be reminiscent of the game principle of Rainbow Six: Siege and runs under the project name Attackers vs. Defenders. The title already reveals what it is supposed to be about.

A team must fulfil certain objectives on the map or eliminate or destroy objects, the opposing party in turn must prevent this intention and defend the affected points. A time limit limits the duration of a game. This is how a round is supposed to go:

Defenders try to stop the attackers. They barricade themselves in tactically important places, spy out the opponents’ route and lay traps.
Attackers try to storm the target area. Among other things, they use the dynamic level destruction further developed by Vanguard to invade)) 2B

According to the leaker’s information, the attackers determine their squad leader at the beginning of a round, but his exact role within the group is not explained further. What special functions are available to him therefore remains unclear. Between rounds, it should be possible to choose a new leader each time.

The defenders should have a number of options at their disposal to prevent the attackers from reaching their goal or at least delay their progress. These should include hidden positions, booby traps and cameras the latter could be used to know exactly from which side the attackers are approaching or what they are up to.

If a player is wounded, he can reach one of three states: lightly wounded, critically wounded or fatally wounded. To help your comrades back on their feet in battle, bandages are to be used to strangle bleeding wounds. Depending on the severity of the injury, however, this should take a correspondingly long time, which could give the other side an advantage.

The game mode is to take place on a map reminiscent of the infamous CQB test at the beginning of the campaign in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a kind of training ground. The map in Attackers vs. Defenders, however, is said to be significantly larger.

What does Modern Warfare 2 do with Warzone?

According to Videogameschronicles, a new map for the Battle Royale is to be released again in 2022, composed of well-known multiplayer maps from the first Modern Warfare 2. For example Favela, Quarry and Terminal. It is not known whether this map will then replace Caldera or whether the two will exist in parallel.

For which platforms will Modern Warfare 2 be released?

Officially, nothing is known about this yet either. However, a release for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can be safely assumed. It will then be exciting to see whether the LastGen consoles are still strong enough to run MW2 on them. It could become the first pure CurrentGen title we’ll keep you posted!

When will Modern Warfare 2 be released?

Not even an official announcement of CoD 2022 yet, so of course no release date yet. We can probably expect the release again in November. The reveal should be a few weeks or months before that. Allegedly, the development is currently progressing well and is even ahead of schedule.


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