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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will soon be getting the popular Map Nuketown in its own 80s look. You can also get a special item bundle including a weapon for free.

That’s what Nuketown is all about: Nuketown is a special map for Call of Duty fans, which made its debut in several titles of the series in multiplayer. The map depicts a replica of a small town where the effects of a nuclear explosion are to be tested.

The map is a replica of a small town where the effects of a nuclear explosion are to be tested, so there are mannequins all over the map, which seem to perform typical everyday actions before the bomb hits.

Map Nuketown 84 is scheduled to enter the multiplayer mode of CoD Cold War on 24 November 2020.

CoD Cold War Nuketown package for free
How to get the Nuketown Bundle
What is the Nuketown Bundle? Developer Treyarch is offering an exclusive item set for the upcoming launch of the new Nuketown map. This contains:

  • A special version of the Hauer 77 shotgun called “Last Stop”. The weapon comes with a 21.6 barrel, an extended magazine, a commando stock and a Milstop reflex sight.
  • 6 weapon charms based on the mannequins in the map
  • A Nuketown sticker
  • A Nuketown calling card
  • A Nuketown emblem
    Packages like these are usually available for real money in the shop, but this one will give you Treyarch for free.

How to get the Nuketown package for free?

To get the bundle for free, you have to do almost nothing. All you have to do is log in to CoD Cold War once by 19:00 on 20.11.2020. So if you have already played the game before, you will definitely get the bundle.

Whoever buys Cold War until 3 December 2020 will also get the bundle.

When do I get my items? The items are available immediately. Log in and you will get them.

What about the warzone? Here you can also use the item package. However, you will have to wait until 10 December 2020 when Cold War will be fully implemented in the warzone. The Battle-Royale-Mode Warzone will remain the connecting element of current and future Call-of-Duty-Games.


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