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We will show you how to unlock all operators in CoD Cold War in multiplayer and zombie mode. The challenges are mostly easy to complete.

What is it about? In keeping with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there are a few new operators in the game for you. Some of them are unlocked directly, for most of them you have to solve tasks. Here we show you each operator and the task you have to solve for them. Right at the start there are 13 operators for you.

What are operators good for? Unlocking the different characters allows you to use them when you play online. Each of them has its own special background story and different visual customization options.

Especially if you’ve been a Call of Duty player for a while, you might recognize a few faces from the older parts of the franchise.

By the way: The operators do not give you any advantages in the gameplay. These are purely optical differences between the characters.

The following 7 operators belong to the NATO faction:

Hunter: Will be unlocked directly

Song: Activated directly

Adler: Get 10 kills with scorestreaks in multiplayer

Park: Perform 3 successful evacuations in Zombies

Sims: Destroys 10 vehicles or scorestreaks in multiplayer

Baker: Kills 100 players with a sniper rifle in multiplayer

Woods: Kills 5 players without dying in multiplayer – 15 times

(Original text for Woods: Achieve 5 eliminations in multiplayer mode without dying 15 times)

Warsaw Pact – Warsaw Pact
The following 6 operators belong to the faction Warsaw Pact:

Vargas: Will be unlocked directly

Powers: Activated directly

Portnova: Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer that were discovered by scorestreaks or field upgrades

Beck: Get 200 eliminations with Pack-A-Punch weapons in Zombie mode

Garcia: Ignite in the fire squad: Dirty bomb 5 dirty bombs or help your fire squad to ignite them.

Stone: Performs 15 finishing moves in multiplayer

If you have to fulfill the tasks in multiplayer, there are a few modes to choose from. All multiplayer modes of Cold War and what to expect.

Use operators from Cold War in Warzone?
Yes, you can: Good news for those of you who enjoy playing Call of Duty: Warzone. Once you have unlocked the operators shown above, you will be able to use them in your Warzone matches.


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