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Can I transfer my unlocks in Call of Duty: Black Can I transfer my unlocks in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6? Good that you ask transfer? Glad you asked

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You have all kinds of weapons and skins in Modern Warfare 2, 3 and Warzone and want to transfer them to Black Ops 6? We reveal what works and what doesn’t.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has just been revealed and of course many fans are asking themselves the big question: What about all the stuff I unlocked in Modern Warfare 2 and 3? Many people have grinded hundreds of prestige levels, unlocked all the camouflages, completed hundreds of challenges – can that be transferred to the new Black Ops 6?

Because we have your best interests at heart, we asked the developers at Treyarch directly and have already received some initial answers – some good, some not so good, depending on your point of view. So let’s break it down

Weapons transfer in Black Ops 6

Important: Call of Duty Black Ops 6 still has a few months to go until release, so various aspects of the game may change. However, Treyarch has already assured us of one thing: Yes, you can transfer weapons and skins from MW2 and 3 – but not everywhere.

In the regular multiplayer of Black Ops 6, you have to start from scratch. In the 6v6 games and in zombie mode, all players start at level 1, and you only have access to the new weapons from Black Ops 6.

We think this decision is the only right one, because the balancing of the more than 100 weapons from MW2 didn’t work at all in MW3. This led to cluttered menus with dozens of attachments and guns that nobody seriously used

In the regular multiplayer of Black Ops 6, things should be much tidier. However, we don’t yet know exactly how many new weapons there are.

In Warzone, things look different

Weapons transferred to Warzone

We still don’t know exactly how the revamped Warzone will work in Black Ops 6, but the developers have already assured us that you’ll be able to transfer everything you’ve unlocked in MW2 and 3, including all operators, weapons, skins and more.

Why the devs have split the game into two parts is not explained further, as balancing so many guns is likely to be a huge challenge for Treyarch.

The big multiplayer reveal of Black Ops 6 is still to come. Perhaps we’ll find out more about all the transfer options for the new Call of Duty there. We’ll keep you up to date

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