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CoD – Major weapon balancing announced for Warzone and multiplayer

The mid-season update in Black Ops Cold War is getting more and more content. Now developer Treyarch has announced a major weapon balancing. The mid-season...

Unibet Review

In summary, Unibet comes in at a strong 90% in the bookmaker test and has thus achieved a good result. The registration process is divided...

Valheim: New content delayed because it is too successful

Valheim's gigantic success shifts the developers' priorities, so that new content appears later than originally planned. Valheim is one of the big winners of the...

WoW Shadowlands: Hidden pet Courage discovered, here’s how to get it

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, after a long search, the secret pet Courage has been found. We'll tell you how to unlock it. Since the...

WoW Shadowlands: All info about the valor points

Valor Points are returning to WoW with patch 9.0.5. We'll explain how to farm them, what you need them for, and what else you...

Fortnite removes weapon after only one week: update v15.50 is coming

After a spontaneous hotfix last week, Epic Games is now taking the Hand Cannon out of the game again. The v15.50 update promises a new...

CoD Warzone: Verdansk map to die soon? A big mistake!

Opinion: A new rumor about Call of Duty is currently causing discussions. Will the Battle Royale map really be permanently destroyed in Season 2? That...

After the current update for CoD Warzone you should rethink your loadout

A new patch for CoD Warzone changes some weapon attachments again, after they were weakened too much with Season 2. Last week, Season 2 started...

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