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In harmony with nature, the druids as masters of the HoTs give each group helpful support.

Restoration druids belong to the ranks of healers in World of Warcraft. If you prefer to play as a damage dealer, you can use the Feral or balance druids. The guardian druid serves as a tank.

The most important changes

Restoration druids will again have access to the abilities Wild Bite, Whirlwind, Incensed Roar, and Iron Skin. The Quick Heal ability is also included in its historical function. It consumes an effect of Regrowth, Wild Growth or Rejuvenation to instantly heal an ally. The cooldown is now only 15 seconds. The Speed of Nature spell is also back, you will learn it at level 58, and with a cooldown of one minute, you will be able to use a spell of regrowth, rebirth, or usurper root without a casting time. Shadowlands,WoW,restoration druid,Guide,Talents

Some talents were revised. Heart of the Wild, which boosts your level 30 affinity, replaces Typhoon at level 35, but you can still get Typhoon by selecting Balance Affinity as a level 30 talent. The talent Opulence at level 15 is no longer available, but will be replaced by Care. Care has been revised from its previous form. The spell has 1.8 seconds casting time, heals an allied target, and receives three times the bonus of Mastery Harmony.

To play the Restoration Druid

The priority of your attributes should look like this in the Restore Druid:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Tempo
  3. Championship
  4. Critical hit chance
  5. Versatility

Keep Flowering Life on your tank running and use Cenarian Spell Protection whenever it is available. Put Rejuvenation on your tank and on party members who have just taken damage or will take damage.

Level Talent Description
15 Cenarion Ward

Protects an allied target for 30 seconds. Any damage taken consumes the spell protection and heals the target for 3,555 health over eight seconds.

25 Tiger Dash

Turn your figure into a cat and increase your movement speed by 200%. This value gradually decreases over five seconds. Replaces Spurt.

30 Feral Affinity

Increases movement speed by 15 percent. Claw cut, shred, paw cut and shredding are also available. The energy regeneration is thereby increased by 35 percent.

35 Mighty Bash

Calls the ghost of Ursoc to stun the target for four seconds. The ability can be used in all forms.

40 Incarnation: Tree of Life

Transform into the shape of a Tree of Life, which increases the healing you cast by 15 percent and your armor by 120 percent. Also protects against transformation effects. The functionality of the spells Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Regrowth, and Usurper Root is increased. Lasts for 30 seconds

45 Spring Blossoms

Each target healed by blossoming is additionally healed by 223 health in six seconds.

50 Photosynthesis

While Blossoming Life affects you, your regular healing effects heal 20% faster. If it affects an ally, the regular healing sticks on that target have a 4% chance of making it bloom.

Shadowlands,WoW,restoration druid,Guide,Talents

Uses free magic states to replenish the health bars of stricken group members with regrowth. Causes rapid healing whenever one ally has taken heavy damage. Remember to reset your HoTs on that target. For Group Healing, set your HoTs to Bloom, Wild Growth, and Serenity. Your very strong Cooldown ability Incarnation: Tree of Life should be used especially on difficult bosses.


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