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World of Warcraft: Next Dragonflight Update Brings Back Legendary Warcraft 3 Hero

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With patch 10.1.5, Grom Hellscream will finally make his grand appearance as part of the “Time Rifts” event.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will soon receive a new mega dungeon called Twilight of the Eternal in the course of patch 10.1.5. And there, apparently, an old acquaintance will finally make his grand appearance as a boss opponent, which he has deserved since Warcraft 3 times.

Grom Hellscream is back! Or Hellscream, for the older generations among us who still remember the time before the Germanisation of many Warcraft terms. In which role he wants to make life difficult for you in WoW in the near future, you can find out here.

Old variant as boss for alliance heroes

Of course, Grom has already appeared in World of Warcraft, but never as a boss of a dungeon or raid. Originally, he was supposed to be a raid boss in the addon Warlords of Draenor but shortly before release, the developers changed their minds. Grom had to take a seat on the bench.

This will change soon, as dataminers have searched the game files for patch 10.1.5, which is already on the test server. They came across a previously unknown 3D model of Grom Hellscream, which makes a boss fight against him very likely:

Why does the 3D model speak for a boss fight? Quite simple, Warcraft connoisseurs can probably already guess: The new model still has green skin. So this Grom is still corrupted by the powers of the Burning Legion and is not likely to just lay aside the axe without a fight when Alliance heroes announce themselves unannounced.

What else does patch 10.1.5 bring with it? Rifts of Time will include even more changes. In addition to a third Dracthyr specialisation, many class changes and the aforementioned mega dungeon, fans can also look forward to quality-of-life enhancements such as separate cooldowns for the Garrison and Dalaran runestones.

Patch 10.1.5 is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023, with a July release date currently being speculated.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Mega Dungeon in Patch 10.1.5? What do you think about Grom Hellscream finally making his grand appearance as a boss? Or are you looking forward to another of the many new features and improvements? If so, which one exactly and why? Feel free to write us your thoughts on the subject in the comments!


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