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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Is Warcraft getting a TV series? Blizzard gives fans hope

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Blizzard head Mike Ybaara and story guru Chris Metzen seem to be cooking something up? It sounds a lot like an upcoming Warcraft series.

Following the success of Arcane, Witcher, and Cyberpunk, there are many other video games that fans are hoping for a TV series or movie. Among them is one of the most famous universes: Warcraft by Blizzard.

On Twitter, the Blizzard CEO and creative consultant have now responded to a user’s request for a movie – it sounds promising and more like a series.

“There are certainly stories we want to tell “

While the movie Warcraft: The Beginning hit theaters in 2016, it only did an average job of convincing viewers – there’s no talk of big hype when you look at the one from the latest Mario movie.

Nevertheless, Twitter user David75605212 asked about a second part of the Warcraft movie, tagging Blizzard and boss Mike Ybarra among others.

In fact, Mike Ybarra even responded, saying, “I don’t know anything about a movie, but there are certainly stories we want to tell.” Additionally, he tagged creative consultant and story guru for Warcraft, Chris Metzen.

Chris Metzen also responded, writing, “Indeed. A movie sounds fun too.”

After all the success of the recent video game series, it doesn’t seem unlikely that other well-known games will now follow suit anyway.

The tweets sound as if something is being planned, but nothing official has been confirmed by Blizzard – so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe we will soon go on wild adventures in Azeroth?


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