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Thursday, October 14, 2021

“Don’t have fun” – Biggest WoW streamer thinks of Twitch withdrawal

Asmongold is considering the possibility of withdrawing from Twitch. But the streamer, who rose to fame with World of Warcraft, is losing it because he has to watch his choice of words.

Asmongold is one of the widest reaching streamers on Twitch. His World of Warcraft content has made him famous in the scene – as has his sometimes loose mouth. However, he seems to be losing interest in his streaming because the fun is falling by the wayside due to perceived compulsions to behave.

In and of itself, Asmongold enjoys pursuing his passion as a streamer on Twitch, where he currently maintains 22,000 subscribers. But the fun for him has to be in the foreground. Many viewers are said to turn his words around in his mouth, so to speak, and thus pillory him. “If I can’t do what I want, if I can’t have fun – if I have to watch what I say all the time: then I don’t want to stream anymore,” reads one of Asmongold’s reasons in his livestream on.

The huge attention of thousands of viewers and additional pressure to perform has made Asmongold feel extremely burdened. The looseness with which he often catapulted to the top of the Twitch charts seems to have evaporated. “Part of me wants to quit,” the US native added. “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m not having fun.”

Asmongold is still active. But depending on the severity of the strain and possible further confrontations with angry spectators, the barrel could finally overflow. With a mixture of warning and resignation, Asmongold concludes his thoughts, “If it keeps going like this, I’ll probably do it. That’s the fucking truth. I don’t want anything more to do with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s my fault or not. ”

Asmongold rarely minces his words and accordingly does not spare criticism. Due to his often direct manner and behaviour, he was insulted by a Blizzard employee last month, which left the streamer cold.

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