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A new Warcraft strategy game has been released and it’s not from Blizzard

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After more than three and a half years of work, the fan remake Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War has been released. But the giant mod is still not finished

A remake within a remake: Back in 2020, we reported on an ambitious fan project that aims to revive the classic strategy game Warcraft 2 from 1995 – as a mod for Warcraft 3: Reforged, which fell out of favor with fans.

We remember: The new edition of Warcraft 3 failed to deliver on many promises and appeared in a technically disastrous state, which also led to a devaluation in our test. On Metacritic, Warcraft 3: Reforged was at times even the game with the lowest user score ever.

Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War could be exactly the strategy-fest that series fans have been wanting for a long time. We take a closer look at the mod, which is now at least partially finished.

For now only a part of Tides of Darkness

You read that right: partly The recent launch of the fan remake only includes the Horde campaign of the main game Tides of Darkness The second part, with the human campaign, will follow at a later date

The narrative only roughly follows the original. The story will be changed in some respects to bring the events more in line with later series entries such as World of Warcraft or the numerous books.

In terms of gameplay, a lot has also changed. No wonder, after all Warcraft 3 has integrated popular features and comfort improvements into the series that fans should not do without. This includes unique hero units, challenging boss battles and a complete soundtrack.

(Finally, classic strategy gameplay in the Warcraft universe again - the fan remake makes it possible.)
(Finally, classic strategy gameplay in the Warcraft universe again – the fan remake makes it possible.)

The first part of Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War offers you the following content:

  • 17 campaign missions
  • In-engine cinematics that capture and deepen key moments in the story
  • Voice acting for over 1500 lines, from unit quotes to cinematics
  • A soundtrack reproducing the original music of Warcraft 2, created by talented artists
  • Heroic units and other cameos introduced during the missions
  • The oil resource from classic Warcraft 2
  • Boss battles with challenging mechanics inspired by World of Warcraft

If you own Warcraft 3: Reforged, you can now download the custom campaign from the website (Hive Workshop) for free. You’ll also find detailed installation instructions there.

And if you would prefer to play an improved Warcraft 3: Reforged instead of the mod, we also have good news for you. There are also some passionate fans working on this project who want to fix Blizzard’s mistakes

Will you be downloading the fan remake of Warcraft 2? Do you like the above content description in terms of features and scope or would you have liked the modders to forgo changes to the story and simply retell the unchanged original game? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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