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Imagine becoming VALORANT world champion – and getting a pay cut….

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The esport orga Evil Geniuses is threatening its VALORANT pros with a pay cut. Yet they were recently crowned world champions.

This is a surprising “reward” for a world champion. The esport orga Evil Geniuses has apparently told its VALORANT roster that they may look for other employers – or take a pay cut.

This is reported by VALORANT insider Max Katz on X/Twitter. According to this, the Esport players would have to reckon with considerable losses if they were to stay. How high these will be, however, is unclear.

From world champion to job seeker

The news is quite unexpected, as the team around Corbin “C0M” Lee had only won the VALORANT Champions 2023 in August and thus crowned themselves world champions.

However, the pros attracted attention with cryptic tweets in the last few days. While C0M wrote that nothing made sense anymore, his teammate Ethan “Ethan” Arnold posted that he missed the old days when winning was everything.

What happens next for the team is still unclear. EG has not yet officially commented on the reports.

Star streamer Ludwig, however, summed up the situation on X/Twitter:

If you can’t have job security as the best team in the damn world, what hope is there for esports?

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