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A perfect start! Top teams win

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The first day of the VTC EMEA is over and the winners for the Upper-Bracket have been decided.

The Valorant Championship Tour EMEA 2023 has kicked off with the opening match of FUT Esports vs Giants Gaming. At first, FUT showed itself from its best side. On the map “Haven” they played routinely and focused against the Spaniards. With 13:5, the Turkish team was able to overrun its opponent and thus clearly win the first match.

In the second round, the Giants put themselves on the line and picked themselves up after some early problems. However, after a great first half from FUT, the Spaniards were only able to show their skills in the second half and narrowly played their way into extra time. In the end, FUT’s players emerged from it 2-0 to win the Bo3 and make amends for their crushing defeat on 20.04.

The Spaniards, however, came out as good losers after the match and praised FUT’s performance.


Vitality versus Liquid = David versus Goliath?

Then the teams of Team Liquid and Team Vitality met in the second round of the playoffs. This started with a clear dominance on the part of Vitality. The sixth-placed team clearly won the first match with a score of 13:6. Reasons for this were the concentration and the known strength of the team on “Lotus”.

However, in the second match of the Bo3, which took place on “Bind”, the concentration of the French dwindled and was overtaken by the coordination and discipline of Team Liquid in the first half of the match. From the second half onwards, Vitality almost managed to play themselves into overtime, but ultimately failed to do so.

In the final match, the two went head-to-head in which the question of the winner remained open until the last round. However, in the end TL managed to win the match with a 13:11 victory, partly thanks to the terrific performance of Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel, who is currently considered one of the best players in Europe.

This is how the next games look like

Next up is Fnatic vs FUT on 24.05 at 17:00, followed by Navi vs Team Liquid at 20:00. The teams will play for their place in the Upper Bracket and with it the participation for the Masters in Tokyo in June.

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