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Overwatch 2: Not even a week on Steam & already hated

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It’s a decision Blizzard probably regrets. Overwatch 2 has already been on Steam for a week and it’s hailing negative reviews.

Aggressive monetisation, the complete replacement of the predecessor and the generally poor balancing are just some of the many reasons why Overwatch 2 is so not well received by the gaming community. On top of that, Blizzard’s generally bad reputation adds to the negative reviews.

After the company announced the release of the shooter on Steam in July, many gamers must have rubbed their hands in gloating glee accordingly.

Frustration from Chinese fans

On 10 August, Overwatch 2 finally migrated to the platform and received the already predictable review slap. However, not only because of the reasons mentioned above or the expected trolling. Many Chinese fans are also venting their anger.
We remember: NetEase and Activision Blizzard have ended their cooperation on the Chinese market, which is why they had to shut down the Battle.net launcher in China. So overnight, all the achievements of the Chinese gaming community were gone.

Since Steam can be used without a VPN in China, fans and interested parties can play the shooter but they have to start from scratch due to the lack of an existing account.

No wonder, then, that this negative sentiment is also discharged in the reviews. The inclusion of the Chinese community was probably one of the reasons for publishing Overwatch 2 on Steam in the first place.
It is therefore not surprising that only 9% of the reviews of Overwatch 2 are positive. This makes the shooter currently the (worst rated game on Steam). If you want to take a look at the other end of the ranking, you can check out our reports on Baldur’s Gate 3

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