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Xbox Game Pass makes the biggest LoL announcement in years

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Big bang at the Xbox Showcase: League of Legends, Valorant and other Riot games land in the Game Pass – and you automatically unlock all available champions with it.

The Xbox Showcase 2022 announced the biggest news about League of Legends in years: The game is coming to Game Pass for PC and console – and now the spectacular part of this announcement, which is already causing heated discussions among fans: In this version, all 159 champions are available, which you would otherwise have to spend hundreds of hours to unlock or buy for real money. We have all the known information on the offer, which also applies to Valorant and other Riot titles, for you.

League of Legends with all Champions, free of charge

The basic game is available for free anyway and all heroes can be unlocked for free, but those who want to unlock champions quickly will have to shell out quite a bit of real money for it. According to estimates, the total price for all champions is around 800 euros. The exact calculation is difficult because there are different currency bundles and champions are often on sale.

But no matter how high the exact purchase sum is, Game Pass will definitely save you several hundred euros or a great deal of playing time. How fans who have invested a lot of money in their collection will react to this surprising offer and whether LoL will change its champion shard rewards system remains to be seen.

Game Pass subscribers don’t automatically get a gameplay advantage from the offer, because most champions are meaningfully playable in the meta (yes, of course there are exceptions in every Season, just think of Ivern). To get to grips with the unlocked heroes, you still have to practice a lot – but of course it is much more pleasant to be able to try through all the champions immediately to find your personal favourites. Until now, players had to hope for the weekly rotation.

Skins are apparently not included in the Game Pass version. It is not yet known whether you will be able to link your existing Riot account to the Game Pass or whether you will have to start from scratch.

Same offer also for Valorant and Co.

Riot is also making the same offer for the multiplayer shooter Valorant with all agents as well as for League of Legends: Wild Rift, in which all champions are also available for you. Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics will also be included in the Game Pass (PC and console), but only selected content will be unlocked for subscribers.

The PC Game Pass costs 10 euros per month, but you can play all the games available in it without any extra charge.

What do you think of the surprising announcement? Have you already invested money in your LoL champions? Are you starting to play the game for the first time with the Game Pass offer? Or are you more interested in one of the other Riot titles?


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