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These are the best champions for LoL patch 12.14

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We reveal the five champions with the highest win rate on patch 12.14 for League of Legends.

Patch 12.14 for League of Legends has been on the live servers since last Wednesday. The update brought some changes to champions and items that have shaken up the meta. We have compiled the five champions with the world”s highest win rates according to (u.gg) for you.


The little Yordle character Poppy is most feared for her big hammer. She seems to dish it out pretty good on Patch 12.14. The top laner is currently doing very well with a win rate of 53.24 percent. But the “Guardian of the Hammer” can not only hit hard, she also builds up a massive amount of HP over the course of the game. The most important core item is the Divine Sunderer, which gives her both life and attack power.


Actually, Zac is most often found in the Jungle. But on the top lane, “the secret weapon”, as his nickname is, just recorded a win rate of 53.26 percent. He mainly benefits from the core item Sunfire Aegis, which scales even better with bonus HP since patch 12.14. Due to the continuous damage, coupled with a lot of stamina and crowd control (CC), Zac is currently one of the insider tips on the top lane.


Another champion with star potential is Swain. Recently often seen in the support position, the Noxian big general also cuts a good figure on the top lane. His win rate is 53.43 percent in just under 2000 games.

Those who are afraid of enemy ganks due to Swain”s lack of mobility should consider packing Ghost instead of Teleport. The most important item for Swain on the solo lane is Liandry”s Anguish.


Professor Heimerdinger makes it into this list twice. As a mid-laner he currently has a win rate of 53.51 percent, and as a supporter it”s as high as 53.56 percent. In the middle, Heimerdinger is a very solid Control Mage who brings down opponents with constant damage thanks to his towers.

As a Supporter he annoys his opponents especially with Poke due to his W ability. If he can get himself and his lane ahead early in the game, he becomes a damage nightmare even as a Supporter later on.


The current king of patch 12.14 in League of Legends, however, is Taric. As a Supporter, he not only brings a lot of CC to the lane. He can also keep his team”s life bar up at all times with his Q ability and his Ultimate.

His core item is the Locket of the Iron Solari, which can even give the team another shield with its active effect. This supporter power currently gives Taric a win rate of 54.56 percent, making him the strongest champion in the patch at the moment.


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