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The 2023 LEC Finals are just around the corner! Why G2 will win!

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G2, Fnatic or Mad Lions? Who will claim the title?

This weekend, from 09.09 to 10.09, the LEC Season Finals will take place at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier 

The two matchdays thus represent the highlight of the last LEC season before the Worlds, the League of Legends World Cup. 

G2 Esports, Mad Lions and Fnatic are going head-to-head for the LEC trophy and thus the LEC championship title. Participation in the 2023Worlds is already assured for the three teams, however. Only the fourth place finisher, Team BDS, has to compete in the Worlds Qualifying Series to be able to participate in the Worlds.

G2, Fnatic or Mad Lions?

Who will ultimately take home the win is literally still up in the air, although one team’s performance in particular stands out.

Over the course of this season, Mad Lions and G2 have repeatedly engaged in a relentless duel for the top spot in the LEC table. At the end of the day, however G2 clearly held their own in last Summer-Split and left the Lions, championship-point-wise, looking old.

Scores don’t mean everything, but Fnatic proved that, after a terrible winter and spring season, they have picked themselves up and have picked up tremendously in the summer season. Whether the great Summer performance of Fnatic will doom the Mad Lions in the Semi-Finals, or the Lions will face their nemesis of the LEC 2023 remains to be seen.

Our favourite in the final

All in all, we hope for exciting duels on both matchdays, with our top pick for the champion title falling to G2 the LEC . The reason is the great performance in the last games, especially the draft, with which the league leaders were able to outplay one or the other opponent, and the individual performances of the players. In addition, the MVP and Rookie of the Year titles rightly went to the G2 players. Now it remains to be seen whether G2 will live up to their role as favourites or whether the trophy will be snatched from under their noses.

So tune in this weekend for the exciting finals. The kick-off will be the duel Mad Lions against Fnatic on 09. 09 at 18:00 CEST The grand final will be broadcast on 10.09 at 18:00 CEST.


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