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The MSI has to be cancelled, but League of Legends will still be played during the summer break. Riot will initially focus on an Asian duel.

Update: Riot Games has scheduled the new MidSeason Cup. On May 28th the four best teams from the Chinese LPL and the South Korean LCK will play against each other. The Korean teams around the champion T1 will play in the LoL Park in Seoul, while China’s elite will play in the Shanghai LPL Arena.

The tournament will be played without spectators and will follow local health rules, Riot Games writes. The ping should be artificially set at 30 – 40ms.

Participant LCK: T1, Gen. G, DragonX and DAMWON Gaming

LPL participants: JD Gaming, Top Esports, Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix

The event will be broadcasted on the official LoL website. The event is only intended to be the starting point for several regional online events that will replace the original MSI.

Riot Korea took the upswing with them and contacted the teams directly – there was probably positive feedback here as well. Invenglobal quoted the Riot officials as saying: “Due to the cancellation of the MSI, the off-season will last about two months. We are planning a temporary event. Not much is certain yet, but details are coming in.”

The European LEC will restart on June 12th, the LCK will not go into the summer split until June 17th.


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