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LoL patch 13.11- Rell update and ADC nerfs.

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Patch 13.11 is coming to the League of Legends live servers on 1 June. Riot Games readjusts a few items, takes some of the wind out of ADC’s sails and presents the brand new Rell update.

The MSI is just over and already Riot Games is moving on to the next League of Legends patch. With 13.11, we can expect the Rell update, some ADC nerfs and a few item adjustments.

When is patch 13.11 coming?

According to Riot Games’ patch schedule we can expect the update on Thursday, June 1. As always, the patch will involve a short server downtime in the morning before you can test the new changes live.

Patch 13.11 – Champion


With patch 13.11, the Rell update will be live on the servers. The champion has been given a whole new coat of paint and all abilities with the exception of Ultimate have been fundamentally changed

As the official patch notes from Riot Games have not been released yet, not all changes are known in detail.

For some champions we only know if they will be buffed or generated, but not in which form these adjustments will be made.


  • Akali, Azir, Ivern, Renekton, Twisted Fate


  • Amumu, Aphelios, Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Kog’Maw




  • Auto-Attacks now do 100% Attack-Damage instead of 90% Attack-Damage

Q – Pierce

  • AD rate increased: 100% -☻ 105%

E – Rend 

  • Base damage per spear reduced: 10 – 34 -☻ 8 – 24
  • AD Rate per spear increased: 23.2% – 40.6% AD -☻ 25% – 45% AD


Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai 

  • Max. Healing changed: 20 – 190 -☻ 15 – 125 (+ 2 – 12% Max. HP)
  • Tremor Sense Tick Rate decreased: 1.5 seconds -☻ 1 second

Prey Seeker (buried Q) 

  • Detection duration increased: 2.5 seconds -☻ 5 seconds

Queen’s Wraith (unearthed Q) 

  • Duration reduced: 5 seconds -☻ 3 seconds

Patch 13.11 – Item Changes

Not all changes to the items are known yet.


  • Ardent Censer, Moonstone Renewer, Navori Quickblades, Statikk Shiv


  • Echoes of Helia, Galeforce, Stormrazor

Duskblade of Draktharr

  • Max. Bonus damage increased: 15% -☻ 20%

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

  • Ability Haste reduced: 20 -☻ 15

So far, Riot Games has not released detailed patch notes for 13.11. Accordingly, we will have to be patient for a glimpse of the exact changes.

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