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League of Legends – Patch 12.22b brings possible buffs for the new Mythic Items

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The Preseason in League of Legends has just started and already Riot Games is planning a hotfix. 12.22b probably strengthens the Mythic Items.

The preseason in League of Legends has just started on Wednesday. But already one day later, Riot Games is planning a hotfix for the MOBA. Patch 12.22b is expected to focus on some junglers, while three items are set to receive a buff.

With the Preseason mainly changes for the Jungle came into the game. Due to this, it seems a few champions will be adjusted for this position. According to Riot Games Lead Designer Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison, six junglers will receive a buff with patch 12.22b.

In addition to Ivern and Kindred, Maokai is also among the champions expected to be improved with the upcoming hotfix. The tainted tree giant was a preferred pick at Worlds 2022, where the champion was seen either on the top lane or in the jungle. In addition, Amumu, Rammus and Shaco are on the list for a buff.

Also, Riot Games plans to improve the two new items “Jak’Sho, the Protean” and “Radiant Virtue”. But also “Rod of Ages”, which only returned to the Summoner’s Rift with the Preseason, seems to receive a buff. On the other hand, “Ravenous Hydra” is the only item to receive a nerf, as champions can dominate the top lane with this item.

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