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Monday, December 4, 2023

Hype for new LoL band Heartsteel – world premiere of “Paranoia” and Skin series.

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On October 23, the newest League of Legends boy band had their world premiere and wowed us with their song “Paranoia”!

In addition, Riot has now officially released the new skins of the boy band. And these can definitely be seen.

Paranoia – League of Legends meets a mix of Rap, Pop and K-Pop!

The composition of the band is incomparable to previous bands. With the different composition of the band members, there are many different influences and genres that work together in the song Paranoia.

BAEKHYUN, a member of the K-pop group Exo and SuperM, lends his voice to Ezreal. Cal Scruby, a rapper from Los-Angeles, is the voice of Kayn. ØZI, a singer/songwriter who is also a music producer, is Sett. Tobi Lou, a multi-talented artist with significant influence on the current music scene, is K’Sante. Yone is the head of the troupe and represents the producer, and Aphelios is the instrumentalist and songwriter.

An interplay of diverse artists and musical genres that give the new League of Legends band a unique selling point. Now you can also get excited by this interplay and watch Paranoia with the official video on YouTube.

Heartsteel – Another skin series in League of Legends universe!

Naturally, the new boy band from the house of Riot Games also gets its own skin series.

On the official Twitter account of League of Legends, the list of upcoming skins has already been published. In addition, there are the first skin spotlights on YouTube, which present us exactly the musical skins of the boys.

So get ready for a lot in the future. Because the band Heartsteel is just at the beginning of their career.


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